Hard reset Nokia 105 Cyan

Hard reset Nokia 105 Cyan

Hard reset is an option taken when the phone has become unresponsive or it does not perform its work efficiently as expected, a hard reset procedure can be performed to return the phone to its factory default state therefore, bringing back the phone to its initial normal operations.

Hard reset procedure is always a saving option method since its never complicated to perform especially by the phone owner hence saving the amounts which could have been spent on the technician to do the work required.

The procedure to follow in taking a successful Nokia 105 cyan include:

#1. Press the power button until the phone is on i it was initially off.

#2. Navigate to the settings menu then restore factory settings.

#3. Enter the set security code,if there is no set security code use the default code which is 12345.

#4. After entering the code the phone will restart automatically and the process done.

Hard reset Nokia 105 Using Code

  1. Turn on Nokia 105
  2. Make sure Nokia 105 battery is full.
  3. Press anwser key and type this numbers : *#7370# or  *#7780#
  4. Press OK button to confirm your order
  5. Enter your lock code (default code is 12345)
  6. Nokia 105 will do the process to Master Reset to Factory Default, wait for several minutes.

If Nokia Nokia 105 not responding when you press the buttons, you can still restart it with Soft reset.

  • Remove battery for 10 second and insert it again
  • Press and hold the POWER  key for at least 10 seconds.
  •  You will see your Nokia 105 shuts down and starts the soft reset itself.

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