Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1 j100h/j110h/j120h

A hard reset is necessary, if you’re want to sale your phone, and want none of your private information to stay on the phone.

However, there are some problems that cannot be solved by just doing a soft reset and that’s when you have to Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1. Hard reset involves wiping your Samsung galaxy j1 of everything in its memory. It’s like reformatting your phone.

To do a hard reset Samsung galaxy j1 and similar device involves two methods:

First Method.

This is the simplest and some people overlook this because they think that it’s not a proper hard reset but it is.

Just go to Start->Settings-> and then Clear Storage. Enter 1234 and then press yes. That’s it.

However, there are times that your phone becomes so unresponsive that it won’t even get pass the start-up screen. That’s when the second method comes in handy.

Second Method.

Press the camera and the communication button on the right side of the device simultaneously.

While keeping the buttons pressed, press the hole at the bottom of the device with the stylus.

Release the stylus but don’t release your hold on the camera and communication buttons.

The screen will turn black and then a message will appear that says to press the send button.

Press the call button (green phone button) on the device and while keeping the button pressed, release the camera and communication buttons.

There will be a message stating that the phone is being formatted. Release the send button.

You are now finished doing a hard reset on the Samsung galaxy j1.

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