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How to do master reset at Apple device? This and other question you can find here

reset Macbook Pro

How to reset Macbook Pro

We have all had issues with our computers and might not know how to exactly fix them. One of the ways to fixing any problem with your Macbook Pro is resetting the computer back to its original factory settings. This will save you stress, money, and time.

The first method is a factory reset Macbook Pro.

This method will get rid of all the stored data on your computer. Before using this method you should make sure all of your data is backed up.

When you reset your macbook pro you will be deleting data and reinstalling the hard drive of the computer. Any programs you have installed since first purchasing the Macbook you are going to have to reinstall once you complete this method.

The first step in the process is to restart the computer and hold down the command and R button at the same time. Doing this will bring up the Macbook Pro’s recovery function.

Once the recovery function window pops up on the screen you want to select the recovery hard drive. This section of the computrs hard drive is specifically used for the computers recovery function.

In the next screen you want to click on the section of the page that says disk utility. Then click the continue button. Once the disk utility screen loads you are going to be shown a list of hard disks to choose from. From this list you should choose the Macintosh hard drive disk and click erase.

Some users main hard drives name might have been changed. If the name has been changed chooses whatever hard drive is your main hard drive and click erase.

The next step is to click on the “format” drop down menu on the next page and select the option Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then click the erase button.

Please be patient because erasing can take some time. After the that has finished you should close the disk utility page.

Once you close the page you will be returned to the recovery menu. Next you should connect to a wirless network. In order to download the Apple operating system you need to be connected to the internet.

Once you are connected click reinstall OS X and then click the install button. The istallation process can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Select the hard drive you want to install which should be the one you just erased. Thats it enjoy!

Apple TV Hard Reset

Apple TV Hard Reset

The Apple TV hard rest and soft reset are the same because the OS starts over in both instances.

Apple TV Hard Reset

You can unplug the device and plug it back in, or you can hold down the power and the volume button at the same time.

Do this for a few seconds, and the device will restart.

You are going to end up turning the OS off and back on, and then you will be in the best shape to start using it again.

People who are having a hard time using their remote should go for the unplug version of the reset because it is easier to do, but you need to leave the device unplugged for a few seconds before you plug it back in.

You are allowing the device to shut all the way down, and then you are going to power it back up so that you can keep working. There is a lot to watch on your Apple TV, and that is why you want to do the unplugging right the first time.

The people who are using the remote need to remember that the remote reset is only going to work if they allow it to cycle all the way through.

You do not want to press the button combination so many times that it loses its meaning, and you do not want to end up in a situation where you are doing the reset so many times that you confuse the device.

This means that you will be able to get much better results if you just do it once and wait for it.

Everyone who is in this kind of situation needs to remember that it is going to be much easier to do this if they point it right at the TV and only press the buttons one time.

You need to make sure that you have done this the right way the first time. Also you need to be very careful with your Apple TV so that you are going to have the TV working the right way all the time.

Anyone who is not taking care of their TV is going to see it slow down. You need to make sure that you have done all that you can to get the results that you want.

Your Apple TV will work much better if you reset it in the right way.

Hard reset Iphone 4S

How to do Hard reset Iphone 4S

Are you using Apple iPhone 4s and experiencing problems?

Why not reset the phone to factory mode or simply “hard reset” the phone. If your iPhone 4s misbehaves when starting applications or maybe some applications may refuse to close down. Whether, the phone’s settings have become complicated and you have completely mixed your self up or not.

Hard reset is the ultimate solution.

To hard reset iPhone 4s is very simple:

Simply press the on/off button and the home screen button at the same time and hold for about ten seconds.

The Iphone logo will appear on the screen and the phone will start the reset process.

Do not release the buttons before you see the iPhone logo on the screen.
If this process is not working, then try restarting the phone, force stopping a running application or remove the battery since the phone may be irresponsive.

The iPhone 4s hard reset takes place on its own and renews the phone setting to factory settings.

Note;This may lead to loss of any data that is not backed up.

Hard reset Apple IPhone 6s

Hard reset Apple Iphone 6s

The hard reset Apple iPhone 6 will be necessary when the  becomes unresponsive and doesn’t perform normally. Hard reset erases all the information in your phone hence the need to backup all the information. The hard reset process can be done on either an iPhone or desktop. We will discuss the two methods to enable you to make a choice.

Method 1: Hard reset Apple Iphone 6s using menu

1. Go to settings and click on general
2. Click on the bottom tap written reset
3. Click on erase for the deletion process to start.
4. The I phone will then restart after completion of the process.

Method 2: hard rest from the desktop

1. Connect the phone to a desktop
2. Launch the I tunes
3. Click on the I phone button once its detected on the desktop
4. Click on the restore button for the process to begin.
5. The iPhone will then restart after completion of the process.

hard reset Apple Airport Express

Hard Reset an Apple Airport Express

Once upon a time, in order to connect to the internet, you needed an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to your modem. From there, you needed a telephone cable to connect your modem to the world. Thanks to Wireless Internet, nowadays you need not worry about cables and can get rid of them, but still can enjoy the internet. Wireless Internet has practically become ubiquitous and devices like Apple Airport Express have increased their utility.

Apple Airport Express is a device that lets one connect to the wireless internet as well as stream multimedia flawlessly; it can even add wireless connectivity to any other device, such as a gaming console with no wireless card.

However, like any other electronic device, Apple Airport Express can show erratic behavior sometimes. To take care of these issues, we need to reset it back to its original state. To do that, Apple provides us with reset options.

Three types of resets are available with the Apple Airport Express:

  • Soft Reset – performed when you forget the base station password.
  • Hard Reset – used when the device stops responding or has network accessibility issues (note: saved profiles are not deleted).
  • Factory Default Reset – used when the device needs to be returned to its factory default settings. Saved profiles will be deleted.


Facts you should know before a hard reset

  • Hard reset deletes all settings present in the device but spares the saved profiles.
  • The deleted settings include Access Control and Radius Settings.
  • The device needs to be connected to a power source during the process.


How to Hard Reset Apple Airport Express

Follow these steps to successfully reset the Apple Airport Express.

  • The RESET button is present on the external part of the device’s body. Push and hold that button.
  • Do not let go of the button until you see the continuous rapid flash of the red LED. It should start flashing within 5 seconds of pressing the RESET button.
  • Release the button. The device should be reset.



  • Sometimes the light flashes green a few times before the device restarts.
  • You will not be able to see or use the Airport Express in the Airport menu and Airport Admin Utility.
  • The process requires about 45 seconds to complete.
  • After the process has finished, you may use the device. Reload the saved file and reconfigure the profile by Airport Express Assistant or Airport Admin Utility.
  • After reset, Airport Express sets the below mentioned settings:
    • Request IP address by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).
    • Base station password is changed to “public”.
    • Base station name is changed to “Base Station XXXXXX” where XXXXXX stands for the last digits of the wireless MAC address.
    • Network name becomes “Apple Network XXXXXX” where XXXXXX stands for the last digits of the wireless MAC address.

Note that there is no reason to believe that a hard reset may hamper the life of the Apple Airport Express. It merely changes of the state of the device software, hence carries no threat to the device’s life.

Hard reset iPod Touch

How to Hard reset iPod Touch?

Sometimes when adding apps, updates or your favorite songs to your iPod Touch device something goes wrong and the device becomes unstable or laggy.

ipod touch 5 hard reset

How to Hard reset iPod Touch?

If your music or applications aren’t playing correctly, you should start off with a quick reset of your iPod device. In order to reset your device, go to the following option:

Settings > General > Reset.

Then tap on Reset All settings option. As resetting your device may undo some changes you left unsaved, you’ll get a warning asking if you are sure you want to reset the device.

By resetting your iPod Touch you won’t lose any of your media or data in general doing a Reset so go ahead and feel free to tap Reset All Settings. Afterwards, your device will restart.

After this action, you’ll need to reconnect to your WiFi network in order to be able to use online applications.

Hopefully, a basic reset is all you need in order to get things working properly.

If in some case you need a complete Restore, you can apply the following advice:

  • In the first place, make sure to backup all the files you have on your iPod Touch as restoring your device means setting the data to the Factory defaults which will wipe out all of your applications and music.
  • After you have made a backup of your data, connect the iPod Touch to your computer and open iTunes software. Next, select your iPod Touch from the Source panel. Right click on it and select the Back Up option from the dropdown menu. You’ll have to wait a while and then, under the Summary tab in the box named Version select the Restore option. You’ll notice a pop up window appeared. That’s the message asking you if you are sure you want to restore the device to the factory settings. If you have items you have eventually purchased from the Store, you’ll see a prompt message saying that they will be erased and you might need to buy them again from the Store. All data will be lost, so that’s why it’s very important to back up all the data.
  • After you click the Continue button confirming you are ready to start the restoring process, you’ll have to wait for a while. You even may hear the USB dong noise few times during this process. Once the process has been completed, you’ll be presented with the Set Up Your iPod Touch window where you are free to select to set it up as a new device from the Back Up you have previously saved. If you do not want to restore the device from the Back Up, you can opt for the “Set up as a new iPod” option. Sometimes it’s advised to not restore from the Back Up file as it might be what’s causing your iPod Touch to become unstable. But don’t worry, you can always sync your device. Here is how to do it.
  • You may notice several apps are missing from the main menu. In order to fix this you will need to manually go back and check the Sync Apps option in the iTunes software.

This should help you out managing and restoring your iPod Touch device. If you experience a problem you can’t seem to fix, take it to your Apple store and see what they can do. They will be more than happy to help you out.

hard reset iphone 5

How to hard reset iphone 5 5s 5c?

There are several methods of resetting your iPhone whenever it becomes unresponsive. The hard reset iPhone 5 is a preferred method of resetting your device especially when it begins to show signs of slow loading of applications.

The good thing about the hard reset is that it does not reset any settings on your phone instead, it frees up your device’s memory. However, it is recommended that you back up all your data because of the loss caused by the ‘erase all’ function in the hard reset menu.

Hard reset iPhone 5 running on iOS6 and faced with the slow performance:

  • First, you should select settings from the Home screen.
  • After selecting the settings option, you then proceed to select the general option
  • Next, find and select at the bottom of the general menu the reset option.
  • Once you select the reset option, select the erase all content and settings option before performing the last function of the hard reset.
  • Finally after selecting the erase all content and setting option, proceed with the last step with is to select the erase iPhone option.

Follow this step by step guide to hard reset your phone if it is running on iOS7:

  • From the home screen, select ‘settings’.
  • Proceed to select the ‘general’ option after selecting the settings option and a list will appear.
  • In the list under the general option, find and select the ‘reset’ option.
  • From the list of options under rese, proceed to select the ‘erase all content and setting’ option.
  • The fourth step will prompt you to enter a pass code therefore go ahead and enter your four-digit pass code.
  • Once you enter the code, you wind up the hard reset process by selecting the “erase iPhone option.

Another interesting way to perform the hard reset on your iPhone 5 is to hard reset using iTunes when faced with the issues of poor software performance affecting media functions. To hard reset your iPhone 5 using iTunes, follow these steps and you will successfully hard reset your iPhone 5.

  • Begin by disconnecting the USB cable from iPhone, leaving other end of USB cable connected to the computer.
  • Press the power button on iPhone for a few seconds until the slide to power off switch appears.
  • With the slide to power off switch appearing, slide the switch to the right to power off the device.
  • Next, you need to press and hold the Home button as you connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. When the Connect to iTunes screen appears on iPhone, the Home button can be released and if iTunes does not automatically open, then you should open the iTunes application on the computer.
  • When the prompt ‘iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode’ appears, click OK.
    Complete the hard reset by clicking Restore from iTunes.

Those are the basic ways of troubleshooting performance issues on your iPhone 5. The key thing to remember is backing up your data before carrying out hard reset on your iPhone 5.

If you know some other way please write comments.


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