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hard reset xbox 360

How to hard reset XBoX 360?

Hard resetting of the xbox 360 is not as hard as many people would think. By following these simple steps a person can reset their xbox 360 back to the original settings.

How to do hard reset XBoX 360?

To begin the processing of hard resetting the device make sure that it is turned on as well as the television. Now a person should go to the navigation bar and select the system settings tab from the home screen.

Once a person gets to the next screen they should select the console settings from the drop down menu. The next screen will bring a person to a drop down menu once again.

From this menu the system info should be selected.
At this point a person will be given the serial number of the xbox 360.

They should write this number down since each system has its own unique code. Using the controller a person needs to press the B button twice.

This will bring them back to the system setting screen.
Once a person is back to the system settings they should select the storage or memory button. This will bring a person to a screen where they will be able to access the hard drive.

Once a person selects hard drive they need to press the Y button on the controller. The device options menu will then show up. A person will select format from this new menu.
Once the menu comes up a person will be asked if they want to delete all content from the xbox. At this point they should select yes to be able to remove all the content that is on the xbox 360.

Before the content is deleted a person is going to have to enter the serial number that they have written down. After this is finish a person will select the done button. Within a matter of minutes all the content that they put onto the xbox 360 will be deleted.
This is an easy way that a person can hard delete the content on the xbox 360. Following this method will help a person restore the device back to its original factory setting.