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hard reset samsung tv

Hard Reset Samsung Smart Tv – by using Menu

Last post about Samsung smart Tv was about  How To Factory Reset Your Samsung Smart TV by using remote keypad. This method is apply when the Menu on your Tv is not Working. But if it work and you want to reset you Samsung Smart Tv to default settings – follow this steps.

This instruction will work with this Model Series

  • J-Series
  • H-Series
  • F-Series
  • E-Series

If you have older Series please read instruction in the end of this post.

But before we can start you should to know what will be with you Device:

  • all setting will reset to default
  • all channel will be deleted.

Hard reset Samsung Smart Tv By using menu:

  1. Turn On
  2. Press Menu (or Home > Settings on display)
  3. Find <<Support>> and select it
  4. Then find SelfDiagnostic and press it.
  5. Next <<Reset>>
  6. Enter Pin Code (0000) if you change it so enter your own. If you forgot it read how to reset pin code here
  7. Press Yes to confirm Reset.

After it your Tv will turn off and then turn on.

Hard reset for older Samsung Tv Models

  1. Turn On Your Tv
  2. Press and hold the EXIT button on the Samsung remote control for 12 seconds.  The standby light should blink the entire time without interruption.
  3. The Factory Reset screen displays a warning message. Select OK to proceed in resetting the TV.
  4. After the TV completes the Factory Reset, the TV will automatically turn Off.

If hard reset didn’t solve your problem you can call to Samsung Customer Care. 





How to reset the pin code on the Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes your Samsung Smart Tv can work bad and you dont know why.  Before visit service center you can try to restore it to default settings. How to do it you can read here. By doing this procedure you will asked to enter pin code. If you do not change it you need enter 0000 – it is default pin code on the Samsung Tv. 

But what to do if you was changed it early and forgot it? Don’t panic – few easy steps and you will reset it to default or set your own.

How to reset the PIN code by remote control?

  1. Turn On you Samsung TV
  2. Press this combination key as on picture(key by key): pin code samsung tv

How to reset the PIN code by Smart Touch Control?

  1. Turn On Your Samsung TV
  2. Press this variation keys: (one by one)

pin touch control reset

What to do if you can’t to do this?

First of all try to repeat it few times. You need to press keys quickly. Good Luck




Toshiba is usually a serious manufacturer of electronics for consumers in the world. It manufactures a series of electronics, including stereo equipment, laptops and several TV sets such as the Toshiba Smart TV. Like any other television, the Toshiba televisions may have a number of issues like inaudibility, poor pictures and also a failure of the remote controls to respond.

Most of these challenges are hard reset Toshiba smart TV and can be tackled by checking and setting the connections.

If such challenges persist, the Toshiba TV technicians are always ready to handle your issue.

Poor Pictures

To reset the poor pictures, you can select menu on your Toshiba smart TV remote control.

This should be succeeded by the picture settings option if gray or black bars appear on the sides of the pictures.

Select the picture size, then put the aspect ratio to be 16:9 if not yet selected.

This is because the Toshiba smart TV is designed to display pictures in this aspect.

However, it’s the aspect is 4:3, then the black bars appears unless adjusted.

After you make this change, the images should now occupy the full screen.

If it is poor focus, or weak color experience, you should adjust the contrast, sharpness and color make the image more improved.

The same procedure should be followed during these adjustments.

Inaudibility Of Toshiba Smart Tv

When experiencing audio issues, you should check the connections on your smart TV if it shows pictures without any sound. All the composite cables should be connected in a correct manner. This is easy because the cables have a color code helping you with the right connections. In case your Toshiba smart TV is connected to a coaxial cable, press the enter button on your remote. Thus, after you can choose the audio option to change the stereo in not yet set. For any external device, press the menu button, then select the audio display to raise the volume.

Failure Of Remote Control

If the remote control has some challenges and reset is needed, ensure that your remote is in the TV mode. You can also check if the batteries are well set by use of the – and + symbols. If they are low on power or old, you should replace them. Factory reset can also play a major role for a hard reset Toshiba smart TV. But this is after the failure of adjusting the remote control. If all these adjustments fail, it is advisable to contact the Toshiba offices directly to either replace the remote control or give you extra resetting.

hard reset Sony Smart Tv

The hard reset Sony Smart Tv

On the off chance that your Sony TV doesn’t appear as though it used to and you can’t recall what settings you changed to get it along these lines, then you have to figure out how to totally reset a Sony TV.

A Sony TV permits you to tweak all parts of the photo and sound. You can change the splendor, shading, tint, complexity, sound blend, angle proportion and some more.

On the off chance that you have rolled out an improvement or if the Sony TV simply doesn’t look or sound right any longer, you ought to reset it to the industrial facility settings before endeavoring some other investigating.

All Sony televisions accompany a strategy for resetting all settings back to their unique levels. Remember that a complete reset will give back the greater part of the settings to the processing plant defaults, not simply picture and sound. On the off chance that you had entered any channel names, or set up parental controls, these will likewise come back to defaults.

Hard reset Sony Smart Tv

Step 1

Turn on your Sony TV and hold up one moment to guarantee the TV is completely booted up.

Step 2:

Hold down the “Up” bolt catch on the remote control that accompanied the Sony .

Step 3:

Press the TV’s “Energy” catch while holding down the “Up” bolt catch, then discharge the “Up” bolt catch. The Sony TV restarts and the introductory setup screen shows up. Disengage the force link from the Sony TV, hold up around one moment, and afterward reconnect the TV’s energy link. Turn on the TV on the off chance that it doesn’t turn on consequently.

Step 4:

Hold down the “Up” bolt catch on the remote control that accompanied the Sony .

Step 5:

Press the TV’s “Energy” catch while holding down the “Up” bolt catch, and after that discharge the “Up” bolt catch. “Reset” shows up immediately in the lower left corner of the screen and after that the TV restarts.

Step 6:

Wait for one moment after the Sony restarts, disengage the force link, sit tight for approximately 10 seconds and afterward reconnect the force link.

Press the force catch on the Sony TV. Press the catch on the TV itself, not the force catch on the remote. You can discharge the up bolt after you press the force catch. The TV self discipline off and afterward control itself back on with the greater part of the settings reset to their unique production line defaults. Turn the Sony on. The TV will boot up to the beginning setup screen.

How To Factory Reset Your Samsung Smart TV

The below procedure will give you a guideline on how you ca reset your Samsung Smart TV. The procedure is not really hard and you don’t require any expert knowledge to be able to effect it. It is a really simple procedure and you will have your TV factory reset in no time. It requires that you have your TV in a special mode first so that you can do this with no interruptions or mishaps.

The First Step to reset Samsung Smart TV.

You should make sure that your Smart TV is switched off. This will be very important as far as the whole process is concerned. Ensure that you have done this before you embark on the below further procedures.

The Second Step. (Really important)

Make sure that you have your Samsung Smart TV remote in your hands. Then after you have made sure that the TV is off, simultaneously press the following keys:

  • The Info key.
  • The Menu button.
  • The mute button.
  • And the Power button.

These four keys are to be pressed simultaneously, it is really important that you don’t forget that little detail.

Note That.

If you asked to enter pin code then enter 0000 else read how to reset pin-code

There are some Samsung Smart TV models where you will be required to enter a different sequence in order to be able to factory reset your TV. Therefore if you have one of these models, then all you need to do is enter the following keys;

  • Press Mute key.
  • Number 1 key.
  • The number 8 key.
  • Press the number 2 key.
  • And the Power key.

Remember that the procedure does not change, press the keys simultaneously and the same results will be effected in your Samsung Smart TV.

Fourth Step.

In this step, you need not do anything at all as the rest is just automated and the TV’s system will carry it out automatically by itself. The Samsung Smart TV will boot itself while it is in service mode. Just wait a few moments for this to be done and your TV will be good. Don’t press anything or do anything as this procedure is ongoing.

Fifth Step.

What you need to do now is go to the options menu on your remote and press factory reset. This will enable all the settings to be restored back to their original mode and your TV will do all these. Again, don’t press anything or do anything to the TV while this is ongoing as you might interfere with the process.

Your TV will ultimately turn off after this.

Don’t panic, the next procedure will tell you what you need to do so that you can complete this procedure as it is almost done.

The Last Step.

Now you can turn on your Samsung Smart TV. After you have done this, then all you need to do is set it up and the procedure is done.

See, that wasn’t so hard and you have seen that you really needed no expert knowledge to be able to do this. Your Samsung Smart TV is now reset and you can enjoy watching it as you have always done. This procedure is simple, just follow the steps.

2nd Method to do hard reset Samsung TV

If this method is not work or you can’t apply it by different reason try to do method by using Menu – read more about it here.

Philips Smart TV

How to hard reset a Philips Smart TV

Modern television technology is great. However, today’s smart TVs have reached a level of sophistication and complexity that you may find yourself stuck with unwanted settings, or perhaps either the unit isn’t performing properly or you changed something and aren’t sure how to restore the original properties. If you own a Philips smart TV and you need to reset it to the original factory settings, fortunately it’s an easy three-step process.

“Soft” Reset vs “Hard” Reset

It’s important to understand the difference between a “soft” reset and a “hard” reset. A soft reset is techno-speak for turning off the unit, unplugging it from the wall, and plugging it back in after thirty seconds. This will take care of minor issues such as the clock and calendar. But if you need to wipe the slate clean and reset to the device to the original factory settings, you’ll need to perform a hard reset. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

1. Update the firmware.

Before you begin you’ll want to make sure that your Philips smart TV is running the latest version of the operating software. First, ensure that your TV has an internet connection. Press the “Home” icon on your remote. when the menu appears, select “Setup”, then “Software Settings”, then “Current Software Info”. Press “OK”. The current software version will be displayed, and will prompt you to download a newer vision if applicable. Performing this step will ensure you don’t have any issues with device drivers after you perform the factory reset.

2. Reset the TV to the original factory settings:

Retrieve the menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote.

Select “Setup”, then “TV Settings”, then “Factory Settings”. Press “OK”.

The unit will prompt you to enter a PIN code, so unless you changed it yourself simply enter the default code of “8888”.

Select “Reset” and press the “OK” button.

The TV will begin the factory reset process and all of your settings will be returned to their default status.

3. Reinstall the TV:

Once your TV has been reset to the original factory settings you will need to reinstall the TV channels. To reinstall the TV, press the “Home” button to access the menu. Select “Setup”, then “TV Settings”, then “Reinstall TV”. Press “OK” and the device will begin reinstalling your television channels.
That’s all there is to it. Resetting the Philips smart TV to it’s factory settings should solve many common problems. However, if this process doesn’t resolve it then consult the “Troubleshooting” section of your user guide. If your issue persists contact Philips customer support for further guidance.

Hard reset pin code  if you cannot remember it, follow the instructions below.

  1. Press button on the remote control.
  2. Select [Setup] > [Channel settings] > [Child lock] > [Change code] and press the ‘OK’ button.
  3. Enter the default code ‘8888’. or ‘0000
  4. Then enter a new 4-digit pin code two times.
Panasonic Smart TV

How to hard reset Panasonic Smart TV

Feel free to experiment with every one of the settings on your TV without the stress that you might to permanently change your TV settings. Numerous individuals are excessively frustrated by their TVs, making it impossible to change anything, and that is the reason Panasonic TVs have reset options that permit you to repair any settings you make back to manufacturing plant defaults. Every individual has diverse preferences, so customizing your TV’s settings will permit you to tune your TV the path you like it.

Steps to follow

1. Press the “Menu” button. The button on the remote accompany your Panasonic TV. Under the “Picture” option, another rundown of options will appear. Select “Reset” to reset all picture changes in accordance with plant default settings aside from the “Propelled Picture” setting. This stride just resets “Picture” options. To reset “Audio” or “Setup” options, proceed to the accompanying steps.

2. Press the “Menu” button on the remote that accompanied your Panasonic TV. Under the “Audio” option another rundown of options will appear. Select “Reset” to reset “Bass,” “Treble” and “Balance” changes in accordance with industrial facility default settings. This stride just resets audio options; to reset “Setup” options proceed to the accompanying step.

3. Press the “Menu” button on the remote . Under the “Setup” option, another rundown of options will be availed. Select “Reset” option to reset all the preferences in the “Setup” segment, for example, channel settings.

Alternatively, if the detailed instructions don’t favor you,below are simplified steps that will too assist you with resetting your Panasonic Smart TV.

Technique 1

1. If the TV is off or in standby, switch on and set to view a TV channel.

2. By use of buttons situated on the front panel on the TV, press hold the Function [F] button

3. by use of the buttons on the front panel of your TV, press and hold the Volume [-] button

4. Just as in step [3], press and hold the data [/} button on the remote control

Incase this procedure has been accepted, the TV will demonstrate that it is performing a “Self-check”. Toward the Self’s end “- Check”, switch off the TV and unplug it from the mains for no less than 20 seconds. When you connect the TV back to the mains and switch on it will perform a full “first time installation”.

Strategy 2

1. If the TV is in standby mode or off, switch on and set rightly to view a TV channel

2. By use of the buttons on the front panel of your TV, press the button labeled Function [FCN]

3. By use of buttons on the front panel of your TV, press the Volume [-] until a message appear on screen.

How to Hard Reset Mystery Electronic Smart TV

Are you habituated with the conventional, misbehaving electronic smart TV? Are you also troubling with the normal factory reset setting? It has stopped working? It’s very boring and tedious to struggle with those factory setting. But what are the solutions then? Yes, there are ways that you can control completely over your factory reset mystery electronics smart tv. Let’s take a look briefly on the processes.

Hard Reset Mystery Electronic Smart TV

The instruction I am about to give can be applied on any electronic smart TV you want. Especially, it will work great on E and F series of smart TV. All you need to have is to have a push button remote control of your TV set. Let’s start reading from the top to bottom to get the full idea and strategy very clearly.

How It Works

Before go to the action, make sure that your TV is in the standby position. Also, make sure that your TV is properly plugged in as well. It will be better if you could plugged it with a wall. Then go for the second step. Use your remote and press the button. Press the button of your remote in a certain order. Info-> Menu-> Mute-> Power. Remember the sequence exactly. Never forget the sequence.

If you break the sequence then the result will be zero. So, it’s important you maintain the sequence according to what it is said here.

Also, an important thing to be noticed that you should press them very quickly. After that, when your TV will be switched on, display the menus of it. But if the service menu takes 15 minutes or more than it o appear then straight switch off your TV and try again.

Then press on the option button. Follow the factory reset option. After that, TV will be switched off. But you have to switch it on again and do all the tasks from the beginning of it.


Your TV is set and ready to use! Factory reset mystery electronics smart tv is not a hard task actually. It doesn’t take your whole day or make you foolish to solve it. It’s a super easy task indeed. What it takes just to maintain the sequence and follow some instances.

Make your smart TV even smart and comfortable applying the aforementioned strategy. The strategies listed here is all checked and approves. So, what you have to do is to give it a try. You are just a try away from it!

hard reset LG smart TV

Hard Reset of the LG Smart TV

The LG Smart TV is a great pioneer into 3D entertainment and makes for great viewing. It has a sleek design, and appealing look, and is available in various sizes.

The 42, 47, and 55-inch screens make home entertainment engaging. It has a spectacular LED display that makes images crystal-clear with its Full HD 1080p resolution.

However, we all have our preferences and you may decide to reset the TV to your desired standards, so it is good to know how to do hard reset your LG Smart TV.

How to do Hard reset on LG Smart TV?

You can hard reset LG Smart TV by pressing Home, which will enable you to access the Home menu. On the Magic Motion remote are navigation buttons that will help you to scroll to the Set Up option where you will press Enter.

Next, press the navigation buttons again, scroll to Option, and press Enter. You will find the Smart TV Setting at the bottom of the list of options. Highlight it and then press Enter. Next, locate the command bar with the Reset Tab among the options at the top.

Press Reset and scroll to the particular setting or option that you want. After choosing the desired settings, select Confirm to finalize your reset and then press Enter.

You have now reset your LG Smart TV. To return to the previous menu, press Back and when you are finished, press Exit.

You can automatically adjust and optimize TV audio. When the Smart Sound Mode is enabled, the Clear Voice II, Virtual Surround, and Sound Mode are automatically adjusted.

To do this, press the Smart button on the remote, then go to Smart Mode, this optimizes the TV to the selected sound mode, which can be Standard, Music, Sport, or Cinema. After this, select Close. It is important to note that when Clear Voice II is on, Virtual Surround is not available.