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Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012

reset Huawei Y6 Pro

Huawei Y6 Pro Hard Reset

Before you perform this reset on your device, you may want to back up any files you have on the phone to refrain from losing any of your data. Once you have done so, follow these steps to perform a hard reset on your Huawei Y6 Pro.

  1. First, switch off your device by holding down the power key.

2) Next, at the same time, hold down the Volume up and Power Key for a few seconds.

3)Release the buttons as soon as The Huawei logo appears. You will then be directed to a system recovery mode screen.

4)Using the volume buttons, select the “wipe data/factory reset” option that will appear on the screen.

Then, press the power key to confirm your choice.

5)Once again, select “wipe data/factory reset” and accept with the power key.

6)Wait until your device has completely reset, then select the “reboot system now” option with the power key and it shall reboot.

And success! Your device has now been reset.

Hard Reset Huawei Nexus 6P

How To Do Hard Reset Huawei Nexus 6P

How to do hard reset Huawei Nexus 6P smartphone’s?

Hard Resetting process:

  • Switch off your telephone by force key.
  • Presently press and hold the Volume Down + Power catch at the same time for a few moments.
  • Press Volume Down to choose alternative “Recovery”, and press Power catch to affirm.
  • When the Android Image appears on the screen hold down the Power key for two or three seconds.
  • While you holding the Power catch rapidly press the Volume Up key.
  • Press Volume Down to pick “wipe information/manufacturing to reset”, and afterward push the Power key to affirm.
  • Select “Yes- – erase all client information”.
  • Use Volume Down catch to scroll with Power key to choose.

To restart the phone, select “reboot system now”.

If phone work fine you can do it in menu > Settings>Backup>Factory reset

Its done!

Huawei P8 lite 4G LTE

Tips and tricks for hard reset Huawei P8 lite 4G LTE Smartphone

This article talks about on the most proficient method to do hard reset Huawei P8 lite 4G LTE Smartphone.

The accompanying is the courses on the best way to do factory reset Huawei P8 lite 4G LTE Smartphone.

Hard Reset HUAWEI P8LITE with Software Menu:

  • Ensure the battery is charged appropriately
  • Turn on HUAWEI P8 LITE cell phone
  • Keep in mind to reinforcement exceedingly imperative data
  • Go to menu: Setting > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone
  • Pick Erase everything to proceed and affirm you prepared to do the format HUAWEI P8 LITE>
  • The HUAWEI P8 LITE will proceed with the progression until prepared to use in clean industrial facility default.

Hard Reset HUAWEI P8LITE with MicroSD card Firmware Update:

  • Ensure the battery if completely charge
  • Turn off the HUAWEI P8 LITE>
  • Uproot the MicroSD and interface with PC or PC
  • Download firmware from PC program
  • Pick the HUAWEI P8 LITE backing and download the same form of firmware or update firmware
  • Remove the downloaded organizer, and duplicate all envelope (incorporate organizer) into fundamental root location of MicroSD
  • Embed again the MicroSD to HUAWEI P8 LITE>
  • Turn on Phone together with press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume Down catches until the Android logo shows up
  • Sit tight for the procedure of update or reinstall the firmware will be under 10 minutes.
  • You can likewise update firmware utilizing Updater applications at this telephone.
Huawei Honor 4C

Huawei Honor 4C Hard reset

Procedure for Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4C:

Step 1
Switch off the phone and hold up around 10sec to 15sec

Step 2
Press the POWER BUTTON and VOL UP at the same time. When you see a Huawei logo in phone screen then release just the POWER BUTTON.

Step 3
After pressing the buttons you will see in your phone screen a System Recovery Mode menu, then release VOL UP key. In this interface you will see a list of menu items.

Step 4
Presently select wipe information/Factory reset Using VOL DOWN key and press POWER KEY to affirm.

Step 5
The android recovery option will ask you to confirm whether you want to factory reset your android gadget? Again use VOL DOWN and select YES– erase all user information and press POWER KEY to affirm.

Step 6
After few second your hard reset will be finished. Presently go back to your main menu that is system recovery mode and select reboot system now and press POWER KEY to affirm.

Step 7
Now your phone will reboot . All work is finished. Your mobile phone will be the same as one. You can now set it up.

hard reset Huawei Ascend Y530-U00

How to hard reset Huawei Ascend Y530-U00?

When thinking about how to hard reset Huawei Ascend Y530-U00, you should know the procedure on how to do it. Here is a guide on how to hard reset Huawei Ascend Y530-U00:

Step 1

You need to hold down your power key for some seconds whenever you want to switch off the device. It is important that press on by holding sim time 2 buttons like Volume Up with a Power button. You must have your Recovery Menu to appear in front through removing the fingers on the phone.

Step 2

Use the Volume Down when highlighting ” factory reset or wipe data ” to push Power button whenever you want to confirm it. It is important that you select “the Yes—when deleting all common user of data”.

Step 3

Make sure you select Volume Down button through scrolling Power key. Finally, restart your phone, through “rebooting the system”. You need to process to complete to have it right. You will have reset your phone.

hard reset Huawei Y541-U02

How to do hard reset Huawei Y541-U02?

How can you hard reset Huawei Y541-U02?

When you need to do it, you need to follow the above procedure. The following are some of the procedure that you need to follow:

  1. Start by you switching off cell phone through using its Power key. You will be sure that you would understand what will best work for you especially when you need to do it right.
  2. Then press on it to hold Volume Up plus Power button well until you see that Adnroid logo on the screen when using the phone.
  3. Select by using Volume button as an option “wipe data or factory reset”, before you can confirm that has Power button.
  4. Select your “Yes–delete all the user data”. You should ensure that you restart your phone after completing the procedure for more updates. You need to make sure that it works well before you can start to use it.
  5. Your phone will be ready to work after updating it.


hard reset Huawei Y625-U32

How to hard reset Huawei Y625-U32?

When you need to hard reset Huawei Y625-U32, you must follow the right procedure when you need to make it work.

Here is a guide how to hard reset Huawei Y625-U32:

  • The cell phone should be switched on by holding down its Power button for some seconds. You will be sure that it would work well especially when looking for ways to make it work.
  • After the process, you must go to the Settings to reset it. You will be able to use it well especially when resetting it.
  • The next step is tap Factory on the data reset. You will enable you input data especially when planning to reset it faster.
  • Choose Reset phone by selecting to erase everything that begins it hard reset operation.
  • When you do the process, your phone will be find and ready to use. You must make sure that you get it right especially when planning to use your phone.


hard reset Huawei U8180

How do you hard reset Huawei U8180?

How do you hard reset Huawei U8180?

With a guide, you will understand the kind of pressure that you would need especially when making your decisions.

Here is a guide on how to hard reset Huawei U8180:

  1. Make sure your handset phone is on. This will allow you to change it especially when looking for these amazing solutions.
  2. From your phone, you must go to Home screen to enable you navigate to the Settings Menu. Depending on what you would need, you will understand what to do especially when you need to get it right.
  3. Scroll to choose the best option of Reset Settings. You will definitely know how to reset it well.
  4. Enter the security code, before confirming all the operations.
  5. Now you can start to reboot your phone using the factory defaults settings. This will enable you understand the facts well.

Wait for a few seconds before it is done. Restart your phone to be able to use it.

Hard reset Huawei Y600-U20

Hard reset Huawei Y600-U20

Here are two ways that a hard reset Huawei Y600-U20 can be achieved.

warning: a hard reset erases all data so its advisable to have a backup first.

Method 1:

1  Ensure that the phone is on.
2   From the home screen open MENU then select SETTINGS.
3  Then select BACKUP&SELECT and then select FACTORY DATA RESET.
4   select RESET PHONE then tap on ERASE EVERYTHING.

In a short while the hard reset process will begin .

Method 2:

1  First switch off the phone by holding down the POWER OFF switch for a few seconds.
2  Now Press the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds.
3  Release the keys when the black ‘Recovery Mode’ screen shows up.
4  Select the FACTORY RESET using the volume keys to navigate and the power button to confirm selection.
5 Select YES–DELETE ALL USER DATA using the sideways volume buttons to navigate and power button to confirm selection.
6  Select the REBOOT SYSTEM NOW to restart.

Restarting the phone begins the hard reset.

Hard Reset Huawei y301 A1

How to Do a Hard Reset Huawei y301 A1: Solutions

Huawei Valiant is an advanced mobile phone and a mid-range gadget, having an Android 4.1 working framework and a double center 1000 MHZ processor. It offers a 4″ screen, 4GB of capacity, a Micro SD opening, and a 3 MP camera. Like other advanced mobile device, the Huawei Valiant has security lock/open codes. On the off chance that you change the default secret key, verify you will not lose it, unless you know the codes to reset your gadget to its default settings.

Some reset codes will completely erase your stored information. If you are going to perform a hard reset on your Huawei Valiant, be sure to back up any important documents on an SD chip or other external storage.

If you are here, doubtless you have attempted a reset, or are wondering how to do so. Follow these steps to reset your device.

Remember: before beginning back up all data that you want to preserve – contacts, images, music, documents, etc. – before resetting your phone.

Hard Reset Huawei y301 A1

  1. Turn OFF your
  2. Press and Hold Volume Up and Power at the same time until you see the dead Android with a red triangle on top.
  3. Press Volume Down to highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  4. Press Force Catch to confirm the choice.
  5. Press Volume Down to choose
  6. Press the Power button to confirm.

Once you follow these steps, your device will reboot and be reset.

Study almost all description down below To obtain additional specifics of Huawei Y301a1 Root Devoid of Computer system.

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Huawei valiant is really phone and a midrange unit, getting a good android 41 operating-system and a core dual 1000 mhz processor that give a 4″ display, 4gb regarding.

Huawei Valiant y301 a1 master reset