Hard reset Blackberry Z30

Hard reset Blackberry Z30

Numerous consumers have complained about GPS problems with their Droid cell phones. Many of the problems have to do with lost GPS signals. When using mapping programs, the cell phone can’t find your GPS location might report that it is searching for GPS forever or that it can’t find current location. Following much searching on the Internet and considerable trial and error, these are some of the methods that have been used to repair this problem that users have reported.

Method 1 to do Hard reset Blackberry Z30

  1. Choose Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Security Wipe.
  2. Enter text “blackberry”, and tap Delete Data.

Method 2 to do Hard reset Blackberry Z30

For this method to work you need to power the cell phone off, take the battery out, wait for a few minutes, return the battery back to its rightful place and then power the cell phone back on. This repair has been reported by a number of users to have worked. This repair is similar to Method 1, but it is believed that the GPS might have some standby power that allows it to stay in a bad state. The removal of the battery removes the power and permits the GPS to reset to a proper state and function properly again.

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