Toshiba is usually a serious manufacturer of electronics for consumers in the world. It manufactures a series of electronics, including stereo equipment, laptops and several TV sets such as the Toshiba Smart TV. Like any other television, the Toshiba televisions may have a number of issues like inaudibility, poor pictures and also a failure of the remote controls to respond.

Most of these challenges are hard reset Toshiba smart TV and can be tackled by checking and setting the connections.

If such challenges persist, the Toshiba TV technicians are always ready to handle your issue.

Poor Pictures

To reset the poor pictures, you can select menu on your Toshiba smart TV remote control.

This should be succeeded by the picture settings option if gray or black bars appear on the sides of the pictures.

Select the picture size, then put the aspect ratio to be 16:9 if not yet selected.

This is because the Toshiba smart TV is designed to display pictures in this aspect.

However, it’s the aspect is 4:3, then the black bars appears unless adjusted.

After you make this change, the images should now occupy the full screen.

If it is poor focus, or weak color experience, you should adjust the contrast, sharpness and color make the image more improved.

The same procedure should be followed during these adjustments.

Inaudibility Of Toshiba Smart Tv

When experiencing audio issues, you should check the connections on your smart TV if it shows pictures without any sound. All the composite cables should be connected in a correct manner. This is easy because the cables have a color code helping you with the right connections. In case your Toshiba smart TV is connected to a coaxial cable, press the enter button on your remote. Thus, after you can choose the audio option to change the stereo in not yet set. For any external device, press the menu button, then select the audio display to raise the volume.

Failure Of Remote Control

If the remote control has some challenges and reset is needed, ensure that your remote is in the TV mode. You can also check if the batteries are well set by use of the – and + symbols. If they are low on power or old, you should replace them. Factory reset can also play a major role for a hard reset Toshiba smart TV. But this is after the failure of adjusting the remote control. If all these adjustments fail, it is advisable to contact the Toshiba offices directly to either replace the remote control or give you extra resetting.


  1. A Curran

    32 inch smart Toshiba TV will not respond to remote or onboard controls. failure occured with firestick operating in HDMI port.
    Blue screen unless firestick present. No sound with firestick in place.
    tried holding power button in.
    new bateries and reset remote (held down each remote key)
    unplugged for several days and tried again, no response
    can you advise

    1. Admin Post author

      have not any idea. if you have warranty try to call them


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