How to Hard Reset Mystery Electronic Smart TV

Are you habituated with the conventional, misbehaving electronic smart TV? Are you also troubling with the normal factory reset setting? It has stopped working? It’s very boring and tedious to struggle with those factory setting. But what are the solutions then? Yes, there are ways that you can control completely over your factory reset mystery electronics smart tv. Let’s take a look briefly on the processes.

Hard Reset Mystery Electronic Smart TV

The instruction I am about to give can be applied on any electronic smart TV you want. Especially, it will work great on E and F series of smart TV. All you need to have is to have a push button remote control of your TV set. Let’s start reading from the top to bottom to get the full idea and strategy very clearly.

How It Works

Before go to the action, make sure that your TV is in the standby position. Also, make sure that your TV is properly plugged in as well. It will be better if you could plugged it with a wall. Then go for the second step. Use your remote and press the button. Press the button of your remote in a certain order. Info-> Menu-> Mute-> Power. Remember the sequence exactly. Never forget the sequence.

If you break the sequence then the result will be zero. So, it’s important you maintain the sequence according to what it is said here.

Also, an important thing to be noticed that you should press them very quickly. After that, when your TV will be switched on, display the menus of it. But if the service menu takes 15 minutes or more than it o appear then straight switch off your TV and try again.

Then press on the option button. Follow the factory reset option. After that, TV will be switched off. But you have to switch it on again and do all the tasks from the beginning of it.


Your TV is set and ready to use! Factory reset mystery electronics smart tv is not a hard task actually. It doesn’t take your whole day or make you foolish to solve it. It’s a super easy task indeed. What it takes just to maintain the sequence and follow some instances.

Make your smart TV even smart and comfortable applying the aforementioned strategy. The strategies listed here is all checked and approves. So, what you have to do is to give it a try. You are just a try away from it!

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