Hard reset Iphone 4S

How to do Hard reset Iphone 4S

Are you using Apple iPhone 4s and experiencing problems?

Why not reset the phone to factory mode or simply “hard reset” the phone. If your iPhone 4s misbehaves when starting applications or maybe some applications may refuse to close down. Whether, the phone’s settings have become complicated and you have completely mixed your self up or not.

Hard reset is the ultimate solution.

To hard reset iPhone 4s is very simple:

Simply press the on/off button and the home screen button at the same time and hold for about ten seconds.

The Iphone logo will appear on the screen and the phone will start the reset process.

Do not release the buttons before you see the iPhone logo on the screen.
If this process is not working, then try restarting the phone, force stopping a running application or remove the battery since the phone may be irresponsive.

The iPhone 4s hard reset takes place on its own and renews the phone setting to factory settings.

Note;This may lead to loss of any data that is not backed up.

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