Sometimes your Samsung Smart Tv can work bad and you dont know why.  Before visit service center you can try to restore it to default settings. How to do it you can read here. By doing this procedure you will asked to enter pin code. If you do not change it you need enter 0000 – it is default pin code on the Samsung Tv. 

But what to do if you was changed it early and forgot it? Don’t panic – few easy steps and you will reset it to default or set your own.

How to reset the PIN code by remote control?

  1. Turn On you Samsung TV
  2. Press this combination key as on picture(key by key): pin code samsung tv

How to reset the PIN code by Smart Touch Control?

  1. Turn On Your Samsung TV
  2. Press this variation keys: (one by one)

pin touch control reset

What to do if you can’t to do this?

First of all try to repeat it few times. You need to press keys quickly. Good Luck