hard reset Blackberry Z10

Hard reset Blackberry Z10. Forgot lock

Attention! Before doing this action please make backup and turn out sdcard and sim-card. If you ignore this info be ready that you lost all your data.

The process of whipping data from your BlackBerry Z10 is very simple, with a few details perhaps different from the past BlackBerry OS.

Hard Reset BlackBerry Z10

  1. First Switch on your BlackBerry Z10
  2. Go to the device options
  3. In the device options, click security options
  4. Select General settings
  5. Next, press the menu key to confirm
  6. Click Wipe hand held, and in the check-boxes select the things(applications) to reset
  7. Click continue
  8. Now type blackberry, and then OK.
  9. Finish


However, in case you have forgotten your phone lock, user code, Google lock or pattern lock, this is what you need to do.

1. Turn off your BlackBerry Z10

2. Remove your SIM card and SD card from your phone

3. Press and hold the Vol+ key and Vol- key

4. While still holding them simultaneously, press the power button

5. You will see the system recovery mode menu. Use the Vol- key to scroll and select wipe data/factory reset, and then press the power key to confirm.

6. Wait until the phone completes resetting, and then select reboot system now.

7. Press the power key to confirm.

8. Your phone is now okay! Lets Rock!!

You can see video on Youtube how to do it

Before you close this page please read how to do hard reset on other Blackberry model http://hardmasterreset.com/category/blackberry-factory-reset/

6 thoughts on “Hard reset Blackberry Z10. Forgot lock

  1. Rajab Kabuye

    I have tried but does not work.

  2. Benjamin Bems

    i tried but still i have a power key problem it doesn’t work then help me on how i may reset my phone while the power key is not working.

  3. Joel Anthony

    Tried but failed to work

  4. Jade

    I tried this method. But it just restarts the phone. Please help!


  5. Villabo

    Thanks bro. Video help!


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