Hard reset Blackberry Leap

Hard reset Blackberry Leap Smartphone

The Blackberry Leap is a very powerful and modern smartphone. Despite is hi-tech specs and performance, there come moments when doing a hard reset to it comes in handy. The following steps or procedures provide the means to achieve a successful hard reset of Blackberry Leap.

Method One to do Hard reset Blackberry Leap

a) To begin with, first turn your smartphone off.

b) Remove any SIM card as well as SD card on your phone.

c) Press and Hold on to both the Vol+ key and the Vol- key for atleast10 seconds.

d) If you have done the above procedure well, at system recovery mode is presented to you on the screen. From here, use the Vol – key to select “wipe data/factory reset” option and then press the Power button/key to confirm.

e) You will be prompted. Use the Vol- key and select Yes. This will delete all the user data and then press Power button to Confirm.

f) After that, be patient till the resetting process is complete reset your phone.

g) Choose reboot system now, then press Power button.

h) Your smartphone will now reboot and you are good to go. The phone is now reset.

Method Two to do Factory reset Blackberry Leap:

a) Switch on the device using the Power key.

b) Form the initial/home screen locate and choose Settings.

c) Then hit “Security and Privacy” option and choose “Security Wipe”.

d) In the text field you will be presented with, enter the word “blackberry”.

e) Hit the “Delete Data” option to initiate security wipe process.

f) After this is done, then your phone will now be reset and good to go.


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