Hard Reset BlackBerry Classic Q20


How to Hard Reset BlackBerry Classic Q20

Blackberry phones, like any other phones, may start having issues after using them for a while.

When your Blackberry Classic Q20 stops working properly, and you need to use it urgently, then it becomes necessary to hard reset the phone.

Hard resetting is a term used to mean erasing all information and date from a mobile device.

As a result, you could lose your necessary data. It is hence necessary that you back up any important data in your laptop, cloud backup or google drive before hard resetting your BlackBerry Classic Q20.

To hard reset the phone, you need to:

  • restart it first by pressing and holding the power or lock button at the top of your phone,
  • then tapping the power button.
  • After restarting you reset the phone by pressing or holding down the power or lock button for around 10 seconds.
  • Hard resetting your BlackBerry Classic Q20 restores all the settings back to their state.

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