Hard Reset Blackberry 8130

Hard Reset Blackberry 8130

You may be forced to wipe all the data from your Blackberry Pearl 8130. You have many ways to do this but before you do, you have to know how to do it effectively or you may lose important features.

This device is quite compact so that it can slip into a pocket. It is designed with a 3.5mm audio jack for you to plug in high quality headphones. It has a key sure type keyboard that makes pecking out messages painless. It has a smart auto-correct and predictive type feature, so that after only a few uses, you can send messages without worrying about errors.

The Blackberry internet service can support up to ten personal e-mail accounts and it is easy to set up a username and password. Corporate users benefit from features like remote address look up, making it easy to text anyone using blackberry messenger.

The most important update of the Pearl 8130 is that it runs on Verizon wireless high speed as opposed to T-mobile and AT&T networks. The front page of the New York Times website can load in about 11 seconds and the story pages with pictures in eight seconds.

When it comes to music, the Blackberry Pearl 8130 is able to support MIDI, AMR-NB, MP3, and many others. For video, it is able to support H.263, MPEG-4 PART 2, and WMV. The blackberry desktop software has Roxio Media Manager, which you can use to transfer media to you Blackberry device. The Pearl 8130 does not come with V CAST MOBILE TV so you need to drag and then drop the content onto your device from your personal computer.

You can listen to tracks from the best of Beethoven by using a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones with clear sound and fully adjustable volume.

Calls are clear, even on loud busy streets with wind blowing. You will not hear any complaints from friends, colleagues, or clients. The Pearl 8130 has a good battery which can sit idle for days.

However, there may come a time when you will want to reset or wipe out all the data from you Black Pearl 8130.

To perform this, first note that hard resetting of your phone will erase all the data in your device and revert it to the factory settings. After you have determined that this is what you want to do, follow these steps:

Hard reset Blackberry 8130:

  • Go to Options.
  • Select the Security Options.
  • After that, select the General Settings.
  • Then press the button located to the left of the trackball.
  • And lastly, select Wipe Handheld and the action will be complete.

Remember: this will wipe all data from your device. If you want to save any data, perform a backup. This way, you are prepared in case something goes wrong..

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