Hard reset Blackberry 9320 Curve

Hard reset Blackberry 9320 Curve

Blackberry curve 9320 has 2.44 inches display and uses Blackberry operating system. It is scaled back to an easy to use format but still has all the unique Blackberry features that accompanies their high quality phones. As a result of day today use, your phone may experience glitches and errors in its software.
You can hard reset Blackberry 9320 Curve. This will often repair the unresponsive applications and lagging. A soft reset will let you continue if it is still unresponsive.


How to hard reset blackberry 9320 Curve

1. Press the menu key next and enter the options tab.

2. Select the security menu -security wipe.

3. Make sure you check the three check boxes available in the next menu.

4. Now enter the word “Blackberry” so as to confirm the operation.

5. Scroll to wipe and press enter and the phone restarts with data erased.

Note that all the listed operations is done at ones risk since it erases all your data.

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