Hard reset Blackberry Curve 8520

Hard Reset Blackberry Curve 8520

What are the important things that you need to know when hard resetting the Blackberry Curve 8520?

The best solution for Blackberry Curve 8520 when default settings are needed is to hard reset the phone. This sets it back to its original settings. Before you to hard reset your device, you should consider factors like; why you have to do it and the consequences thereafter. If your phone is consistently stacking, has problems restarting, or never boots, you can opt for this solution as the problems may be caused by changes made to applications in your handset or settings.

How to reset your Blackberry Curve 8520

  • On your phone, click the Menu button or the Blackberry
  • Go to
  • Select Security Options.
  • Select General Settings.
  • Go back to the Menu/Blackberry logo
  • Choose Erase Content.
  • Your phone is now reset to its default settings.

The restored Blackberry Curve 8520

All the data in your Blackberry handset is deleted when you hard reset your device. This includes messages, applications, data, media files, and contacts saved on the phone’s memory. To protect yourself from losing any important data and passwords, a phone backup to your SD card is necessary before you carry out this task. Phones with many applications may take a longer time to back up than new phones and you should wait until everything is completed.

Why is it necessary that you hard reset your phone?

The phone is now as good as new and its memory is fresh to store new items. A hard reset repairs most of the applications and network problems. If you have issues with the reset, you have to repeat the steps, using the correct procedure. You will not be disappointed. After the factory reset, all unwanted installed software will be lost and you will experience better speeds with your phone. Viruses automatically install themselves in to the phone system while browsing, which increases the risk of losing data. A hard reset fixes the problem, though antivirus software is recommended. If you decide to sell your device, it is necessary to hard reset it so that your information security, such as usernames and passwords, will not fall into someone else’s hands and your personal data is protected.

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