Bravis Vista phone

How hard reset Bravis Vista phone

How to do hard reset Bravis Vista phone

  • Switch off your Bravis Vista phone
  • Press &hold home key button,volume up button and power button.Holding and pressing should be done at same time.
  • Hold these buttons together till an Android screen appears.
  • Use the volume down to press and select factory reset icon.
  • Press the power button hold it. This will select the factory reset option.
  • Restart the phone. Check whether all the data is completely wiped before setting it again.
  • Set your phone again to restore its functions.

Another simple method for resetting Bravis Vista phone

  • Get rid of Pattern lock in the phone
  • Clean all the data. This process is very secure and simple to use.
    Back-up all the data in the Bravis vista phone before resetting it. This is crucial so as to prevent the loss of your precious songs, applications as well as photos and other important files. You can opt for backup & reset option in the phone setting. Click it to back upall the information and data in The phone.

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