The LG Smart TV is a great pioneer into 3D entertainment and makes for great viewing. It has a sleek design, and appealing look, and is available in various sizes.

The 42, 47, and 55-inch screens make home entertainment engaging. It has a spectacular LED display that makes images crystal-clear with its Full HD 1080p resolution.

However, we all have our preferences and you may decide to reset the TV to your desired standards, so it is good to know how to do hard reset your LG Smart TV.

How to do Hard reset on LG Smart TV?

You can hard reset LG Smart TV by pressing Home, which will enable you to access the Home menu. On the Magic Motion remote are navigation buttons that will help you to scroll to the Set Up option where you will press Enter.

Next, press the navigation buttons again, scroll to Option, and press Enter. You will find the Smart TV Setting at the bottom of the list of options. Highlight it and then press Enter. Next, locate the command bar with the Reset Tab among the options at the top.

Press Reset and scroll to the particular setting or option that you want. After choosing the desired settings, select Confirm to finalize your reset and then press Enter.

You have now reset your LG Smart TV. To return to the previous menu, press Back and when you are finished, press Exit.

You can automatically adjust and optimize TV audio. When the Smart Sound Mode is enabled, the Clear Voice II, Virtual Surround, and Sound Mode are automatically adjusted.

To do this, press the Smart button on the remote, then go to Smart Mode, this optimizes the TV to the selected sound mode, which can be Standard, Music, Sport, or Cinema. After this, select Close. It is important to note that when Clear Voice II is on, Virtual Surround is not available.