Modern television technology is great. However, today’s smart TVs have reached a level of sophistication and complexity that you may find yourself stuck with unwanted settings, or perhaps either the unit isn’t performing properly or you changed something and aren’t sure how to restore the original properties. If you own a Philips smart TV and you need to reset it to the original factory settings, fortunately it’s an easy three-step process.

“Soft” Reset vs “Hard” Reset

It’s important to understand the difference between a “soft” reset and a “hard” reset. A soft reset is techno-speak for turning off the unit, unplugging it from the wall, and plugging it back in after thirty seconds. This will take care of minor issues such as the clock and calendar. But if you need to wipe the slate clean and reset to the device to the original factory settings, you’ll need to perform a hard reset. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

1. Update the firmware.

Before you begin you’ll want to make sure that your Philips smart TV is running the latest version of the operating software. First, ensure that your TV has an internet connection. Press the “Home” icon on your remote. when the menu appears, select “Setup”, then “Software Settings”, then “Current Software Info”. Press “OK”. The current software version will be displayed, and will prompt you to download a newer vision if applicable. Performing this step will ensure you don’t have any issues with device drivers after you perform the factory reset.

2. Reset the TV to the original factory settings:

Retrieve the menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote. Select “Setup”, then “TV Settings”, then “Factory Settings”. Press “OK”. The unit will prompt you to enter a PIN code, so unless you changed it yourself simply enter the default code of “8888”. Select “Reset” and press the “OK” button. The TV will begin the factory reset process and all of your settings will be returned to their default status.

3. Reinstall the TV:

Once your TV has been reset to the original factory settings you will need to reinstall the TV channels. To reinstall the TV, press the “Home” button to access the menu. Select “Setup”, then “TV Settings”, then “Reinstall TV”. Press “OK” and the device will begin reinstalling your television channels.
That’s all there is to it. Resetting the Philips smart TV to it’s factory settings should solve many common problems. However, if this process doesn’t resolve it then consult the “Troubleshooting” section of your user guide. If your issue persists contact Philips customer support for further guidance.