Hard Reset Lenovo Vibe P1m

How To Hard Reset Lenovo Vibe P1m In 4 Easy Steps

There are very many reasons anyone would hard reset their phone. Such reasons will include the following. In order to properly program their phone with anti theft. If their phone is now performing efficiently due to many running programs. If the phone freezes, hangs, or suddenly refuses to work.
So how can you hard reset Lenovo Vibe P1m?

By simply following these smart expert tips.

#1 Turn on your Lenovo Vibe P1m, touch the menu at the bottom, and find the setting menu.

#2Look through the setting menu and go to the “backup & reset” to touch the option.

#3Find “factory data reset” and press on it to release the “reset device option.”

#4Touch on the “reset device” option – this will expose the delete all option / erase everything. Touch on it for your phone to erase everything.


You will have successfully completed the hard reset Lenovo Vibe P1m process.

You can also hard reset Lenovo Vibe P1m using the button in the following way.

  • Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card.
  • Press and hold VOL Down and Up Button
  • When you see the logo release only the power button.
  • Press the release all button on the system recovery mode that appears.
  • Scroll and select factory setting / wipe data.
  • Click yes to delete all user data.
  • Leave the phone to reboot.

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