hard reset LG G2 Flex 2 H955

How to do hard reset LG G2 Flex 2 H955

How to do hard reset LG G2 Flex 2 H955

The following are some of the methods:

Method 1

For the majority of your flexible information, a bolster information ought to be done on an outside contraption, hard drive, attack framework or media. With or without breaker, if your wireless lost, relaxed or stolen up any event your endless information is went down in a protected room. If you offer your versatile and you try to wipe your private information, or if your telephone touched with sickness you need to do a hard reset. Here and there, you can destroy the out-of-brain secret key or jar diagram from your smaller also.


Step by step instructions:

  1. Guarantee the battery totally charged
  2. Fortification all your basic data
  3. Press What’s more, Hold Volume up screen
  4. Release Power key, and a short time later rapidly press the Power key yet again
  5. Hit the Power catch to confirm your decision
  6. Press Power catch to certify the reset.


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