How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy J5 J500H/DS or J510/H

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy J5 ?

Back-up your data before hard reset Samsung Galaxy. This will prevent the loss of applications, songs, videos, photos and other important and precious files in your phone. Go to settings then select backup & reset so as to back-up all the data and information in your phone.

But The best way is register Google Account and turn on Sync. After resseting or changing your phone for another one just enter login and pass and all your data will be restored.

And dont forget to take out sim cards and sdcard else it will be erased too.

There are 2ways to do hard reset: soft and hardware.

1st way: using button

1  Switch/turn off your Samsung Galaxy J5 J500H/DS or J5/510H

2  Press and hold the volume up button, power button and home key button. Press them together at the same time. Hold the buttons until an Android screen appears.

3  Use volume down to select the factory reset option. Press and hold the power button to select factory reset option.

4  Restart your phone. You will notice that your phone is completely wiped.

5  Set your phone again.

Another simple way on how you can reset your Sumsung Galaxy J5 J500/DS or

Galaxy J5 J510/H;

Unlock your phone > Home Screen > Menu and then go to Settings.

Find and Tap Backup & Reset > then find > Factory Data Reset.

Next press Reset device.

To confirm your choice select Erase everything.

This method is very simple and secure to use.

One thought on “How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy J5 J500H/DS or J510/H

  1. Menelik

    I have successfully hard resetted my j500 DS but it cant proceed from wi fi because it cant respond on thr next option


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