Sony D2502 Xperia C3

How to Hard reset Sony D2502 Xperia C3

How to hard reset Sony D2502 Xperia C3?

Want to reset your Xperia phone? Before resetting it make sure that your phone is charged, back up your data and remove your SD card and sim. There are several ways to reset your Xperia C3. This article will focus on the most simple and common ways to reset your hand set without damaging it. Yes you are going to be the engineer of your phone. Lets get to the basics:

Method 1

1. Power off your phone
2. Press and hold volume up + volume down key + power key for some moment
3. When you see Android reboot screen release all keys
4. Camera key takes you to the recovery menu
5. select factory setting and reset using the recovery menu
6. by selecting yes you chose to reset all user data
7. You good to go


Method 2

1. Turn on your Sony Xperia phone
2. Its important to make sure that your phone is battery full
3. Go to Setting- Factory Data Reset- Reset Devise
4. Erase everything
5. Wait for several minutes
6. You are good to go

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