Hard Reset HTC Wildfire

Hard Reset HTC Wildfire. Pattern Unlock

HTC Wildfire is an android 2.3.3 phone. There are many instances where you may want to reset your device. Perhaps you set a password and forgot it. Normally after too many attempts, you are required to enter your Google Account information that the phone was first registered under.

This works only if you have access to the Gmail account and if the device data access is turned on or has access to Wi-Fi. Otherwise the device will not connect to the account, making it impossible to retrieve the password.

If the Gmail account fails to reset the phone, you may opt for a hard reset of the device; this is the only viable alternative if you want to continue using his device.

The procedures to this reset should be followed with a lot of care as you risk breaking your phone if you do it the wrong way. Breaking a phone results in loss of warranty. In this article, I will take you step-by-step through removing the locked state of the phone. The reset generally makes the phone forget the unlock pattern prompt that you no longer remember.

A hard reset will erase all data. Before performing a reset, it is important that you make a backup of device as data and custom settings as well as downloaded applications. Download HTC sync applications to your computer and use it to make a backup for the phone. Remember, you are the only one responsible for the data lost in a hard reset.

How to Hard Reset HTC Wildfire

  • Make sure you have enough battery life for about 30 minutes, or approximately 75% battery life.
  • Turn off the device and remove the battery.
  • Replace the battery but do not turn on the phone as normal. Instead do the following: you need to:
    • Press and hold down the VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons simultaneously.
    • This brings you into Android Recover Mode. Wait for the screen to show the Android Image at the bottom and then release the buttons.
  • Using the VOLUME DOWN button, select Clear Storage and then press the POWER button.
  • Using the VOLUME UP button, start the factory reset.
  • After the process is complete, reboot the device and it will be good to go.

You can also use a hard reset to resolve persistent problems that require you to return the device to its original factory settings, or if you want to sell your device. A factory reset does not does not erase data or files stored on the SD card, however it does delete custom settings and downloaded applications. To perform this type of factory reset, to go the menu, tap Settings, and then scroll to Privacy and select Factory Data Reset. Tap Rest Phone and then Erase Everything.


Remember all procedures are undertaken under at your own risk.

Hard Reset Blackberry 8130

Hard Reset Blackberry 8130

You may be forced to wipe all the data from your Blackberry Pearl 8130. You have many ways to do this but before you do, you have to know how to do it effectively or you may lose important features.

This device is quite compact so that it can slip into a pocket. It is designed with a 3.5mm audio jack for you to plug in high quality headphones. It has a key sure type keyboard that makes pecking out messages painless. It has a smart auto-correct and predictive type feature, so that after only a few uses, you can send messages without worrying about errors.

The Blackberry internet service can support up to ten personal e-mail accounts and it is easy to set up a username and password. Corporate users benefit from features like remote address look up, making it easy to text anyone using blackberry messenger.

The most important update of the Pearl 8130 is that it runs on Verizon wireless high speed as opposed to T-mobile and AT&T networks. The front page of the New York Times website can load in about 11 seconds and the story pages with pictures in eight seconds.

When it comes to music, the Blackberry Pearl 8130 is able to support MIDI, AMR-NB, MP3, and many others. For video, it is able to support H.263, MPEG-4 PART 2, and WMV. The blackberry desktop software has Roxio Media Manager, which you can use to transfer media to you Blackberry device. The Pearl 8130 does not come with V CAST MOBILE TV so you need to drag and then drop the content onto your device from your personal computer.

You can listen to tracks from the best of Beethoven by using a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones with clear sound and fully adjustable volume.

Calls are clear, even on loud busy streets with wind blowing. You will not hear any complaints from friends, colleagues, or clients. The Pearl 8130 has a good battery which can sit idle for days.

However, there may come a time when you will want to reset or wipe out all the data from you Black Pearl 8130.

To perform this, first note that hard resetting of your phone will erase all the data in your device and revert it to the factory settings. After you have determined that this is what you want to do, follow these steps:

Hard reset Blackberry 8130:

  • Go to Options.
  • Select the Security Options.
  • After that, select the General Settings.
  • Then press the button located to the left of the trackball.
  • And lastly, select Wipe Handheld and the action will be complete.

Remember: this will wipe all data from your device. If you want to save any data, perform a backup. This way, you are prepared in case something goes wrong..

Hard reset Blackberry Curve 8520

Hard Reset Blackberry Curve 8520

What are the important things that you need to know when hard resetting the Blackberry Curve 8520?

The best solution for Blackberry Curve 8520 when default settings are needed is to hard reset the phone. This sets it back to its original settings. Before you to hard reset your device, you should consider factors like; why you have to do it and the consequences thereafter. If your phone is consistently stacking, has problems restarting, or never boots, you can opt for this solution as the problems may be caused by changes made to applications in your handset or settings.

How to reset your Blackberry Curve 8520

  • On your phone, click the Menu button or the Blackberry
  • Go to
  • Select Security Options.
  • Select General Settings.
  • Go back to the Menu/Blackberry logo
  • Choose Erase Content.
  • Your phone is now reset to its default settings.

The restored Blackberry Curve 8520

All the data in your Blackberry handset is deleted when you hard reset your device. This includes messages, applications, data, media files, and contacts saved on the phone’s memory. To protect yourself from losing any important data and passwords, a phone backup to your SD card is necessary before you carry out this task. Phones with many applications may take a longer time to back up than new phones and you should wait until everything is completed.

Why is it necessary that you hard reset your phone?

The phone is now as good as new and its memory is fresh to store new items. A hard reset repairs most of the applications and network problems. If you have issues with the reset, you have to repeat the steps, using the correct procedure. You will not be disappointed. After the factory reset, all unwanted installed software will be lost and you will experience better speeds with your phone. Viruses automatically install themselves in to the phone system while browsing, which increases the risk of losing data. A hard reset fixes the problem, though antivirus software is recommended. If you decide to sell your device, it is necessary to hard reset it so that your information security, such as usernames and passwords, will not fall into someone else’s hands and your personal data is protected.

Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

How to Perform a Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

To reset a phone is to set it into the state it was when it came from the manufacturer. Imagine your Alcatel 995A has become frozen and cannot be powered on or off. Before you start thinking of buying a new phone or tablet, try the hard reset procedure to see if it will fix the problem.

Before you begin, be sure to:

  • Charge the battery.
  • Back up important data.

The SIM and SD cards should be taken out the phone again to avoid data loss.

After doing a hard reset on your phone you will lose all data stored on the phone. Backing up data such as files, images, pictures, and contact information to an external device or computer will keep your information safe.

So let us assume that you have realized that your Alcatel One Touch 995A cannot power on. What can you do to hard reset it?

Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

  • Make sure that your battery is charged and not damaged. This could be the cause of not being able to turn your device on or off. If the battery is damaged, purchase a new one.
  • Remove the phones battery and the SIM card, reinstall them, and try to power on again
  • If the phone still does not power on, press and hold the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons at the same time. Release them after 2 vibrations.
  • Go to the Main Menu and then select the Menu
  • Select Restore Default Settings.

Your phone has now completely undergone a hard reset and you will be able to power on now. Any data saved in the phone will be lost permanently, which includes photos, contacts, files, messages, and downloaded applications such as java games.

If the process does not work, you can try the general procedure used to reset any Alcatel phone.

The process is simple.

  • Make sure the power is Off.
  • Press and hold the POWER and # key at the same time.
  • The device will ask if you really want to continue and include a warning about data loss. Select Yes.
  • The phone will begin formatting.

Do not remove the phone’s battery during the process as this may damage your device.

Do you need additional help or have other suggestions for resetting an Alcatel phone? Let us know.

Hard Reset Garmin Asus

Hard Reset Garmin Asus Garminfone

As with all electronics, any handset after some period of usage can be reset to its factory settings for any reason. You may need to change ownership of the handset, and therefore want the option of erasing some or all data in the phone’s internal memory or micro SD card. At times, a hard reset may be needed when the handset hangs and cannot perform effectively. The Garmin Asus Garminfone is no exception, and the following procedures apply when hard resetting is carried out.

It is very important to note that all data stored in the phone’s internal memory will be erased from the handset (Garmin-Asus Garminfone) when the procedure below is followed. The data stored in the micro SD card may or may not be erased. It is advisable that all personal files and data be backed up before commencing the process. If you wish to preserve data in the micro SD card, remove it before beginning the reset.

You have two options for resetting your Garmin Asus Garminfone.

Hard Reset Garmin Asus by Menu

  • Press Menu from the Home display touch screen.
  • Press Settings.
  • Press the Menu key followed by Master Clear.
  • If prompted, you may enter the password and finally press Yes to confirm.
  • Wait for the formatting process to finish. The time it takes depends on the amount of data to be deleted.
  • The handset will reboot automatically to factory settings.

Hard Reset Garmin Asus by button

This alternative method is recommended when the handset is frozen and the display touch screen is not working. Follow these steps, remembering to first back up any vital data:

  • Remove all external power sources from the device.
  • Then power off the handset. If it will not power off, remove and reinsert the battery.
  • Press and hold the Navigation key to the left. Do not press the Up and Down keys simultaneously.
  • Press and hold the Navigation and Power keys.
  • Continue to hold the keys until Wipe User Data appears at the top of the screen.
  • Release the buttons.
  • Wait for about two minutes, until the handset has rebooted to its factory settings.

The above mentioned methods should yield good results so that you will continue to enjoy your Garmin device.

Hard Reset Nokia E75

Hard Reset Nokia E75

Before you buy a new phone or tablet, always try the following to repair the device.

First, take out your SIM and SD card, remove the battery completely, and, most importantly, back up your data on an external hard drive.

It will be easy and rewarding to recover your data after doing a hard reset and therefore online backup can be a brilliant alternative to secure information and applications for your Nokia e75 phone. For all your data, ensure that it is secured on a raid system, media hard drive, or even the earlier mentioned external hard drive. Luckily, with or without insurance coverage, if your phone is damaged, stolen, or lost, you will still be able to access all your data, wherever and whenever.

Hard Reset Nokia E75

The first option would be to format the phone by typing * 3 + Call + On power.

However, remember to provide the lock code before the phone is formatted as this is used to ascertain the owner of the phone.

In some cases, the default lock code is essentially provided as 12345.

Alternatively, some Nokia phones can be reset via the menu option by pressing:

  • the menu button,
  • followed by settings,
  • then phone,
  • phone management,
  • factory settings and
  • finally pressing YES for deleting and restoring data.

However, an important note, formatting the phone will permanently delete all the user data, application programs, and operator specific settings.

 Alternative Option for Nokia e75

This option restores the original operating system from the ROM and it is advisable not to delete the photos, document, videos, user settings, and/or third party add-on applications. Therefore, format the C as this option partitions, deletes all data including the memory card, and can be achieved by pressing the combination of #7370# key code. However, always note that to proceed to reset, your battery must be full and your mobile device connected to the charger. This should be done alongside knowing that once the device stops receiving electricity charge during the course of the reset, it can potentially and possibly ruin internal flash memory of your Nokia e75 mobile device and stop functioning.

Hard reset Sony Ericsson ST18i

Hard reset Sony Ericsson ST18i

How to do Hard reset Sony Ericsson ST18i by menu:

  • Press the Menu key
  • Settings
  • Scroll to and select Privacy
  • Factory Data Reset
  • Reset Phone
  • Erase Everything

2nd way by using button keys

  • Power button.
  • Volume Down + Power button
  • Navigate using Volume keys and to confirm Power button.
  • Select Factory reset
Hard Reset Nokia 5800 express music

Hard Reset Nokia 5800 express music

Nokia Company is one of the most trusted companies in the mobile phone industry. They are well known for making genuine phones. Nokia Company makes a variety of mobile phones and among them is the Nokia 5800 express music.

It is such a good phone that most of us would admire having it around. However, there have been questions arising on how to do hard reset Nokia 5800.

Nokia support discussion forums with their clients have revealed the following as some of the ways that you can hard reset your Nokia 5800 express music.

Hard Reset Nokia 5800

So how to do hard reset Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic?


1. First take out your memory card after doing a back for your phone.

2. *#7780# is the key in code to key in. This code normally resets your phone to the initial factory settings. Bear in mind that by doing this, your data is not going to be lost at all. However, performing the actions that follow this step will delete all of your data so you need to back it up well somewhere. One thing most people need to be aware is about the star key (*) that is written immediately before the hash key (#) because most of them assume and conclude that the method does not work at all. Bear in mind that the code that will default all your settings in these operations is 12345.

3. Reformat your phone by keying in *#7370#. Keep in mind that your data is going to be lost here and is advisable that you earlier back it up. It is a different case to newer Nokia phones such as n series, s60 and e series as they have ad-up data preservation. In case your phone does not show any response, do hard formatting switch off your phone while holding 12345 the default code. Finally perform the last step below.

4. Do hard reset. This is normally done by holding star key (*), talk key which is the green key together with the number 3 button key. Switch on your phone still while holding the same buttons. For the case of express music, hard reset is normally done by pressing camera, green(calling key) and red keys (power key) at once. Do not leave it until the handshake screen is seen. This normally works for the 5800 that are of firmware versions 20 and ahead.

Those are the commonly known procedures of hard resetting your Nokia 5800. In case your phone does not respond to the above codes, never hesitate as you have your care assistant who you will seek more assistance from.

Hard reset Nokia С5

Hard reset Nokia С5

Software malfunction is the general problem that cause hanging of the Nokia c5 phones. It is difficult to identify the exact cause of the malfunction unless the user is an expert in phone technology.

Phone experts warn that if the problem persist, the user should not hurriedly rush to the phone shop to buy another phone. The problem can be solved by hard resetting the phone.

C5 factory reset

Experts argue that hard reset is the best method of solving software problem of your Nokia c5 phone. However, hard resetting erases all the data stored in the phone including the settings, video clips, mp3s, pdf document, and word document permanently. This is because hard resetting the phone restores all the factory settings.

For safety purposes, the users should take care of data stored in their c5 handsets. The primary and the cheapest precaution to secure your data when performing nokia c5 hard reset is backing up the data in other media. The safest media to save the Nokia c5 data is an external memory. This helps the user avoid losing valuable data stored in the handset. Other backing up media include:

  • Saving documents as attachments in the email accounts
  • Saving video clips and mp3s in the Dropbox online accounts
  • Saving clips on external hard drive for instance in the computer hard disk or an external disk.
  • Saving files in the flash disks
  • It is also advisable to delete unwanted or expired information from your c5 Nokia phone to safe memory requirements.

Once backing up is successful, the user can perform following procedure:

Hard reset Nokia С5

  1. Turn off the Nokia c5 phone.
  2. Remove the battery and then put it on.
  3. Press and continue holding “*”+ “3”+ CALL button for some time say five seconds. In C5 Nokia phone, the call button can be a green symbol of telephone handle printed on the CALL key.
  4. Alternatively the user can reset by dialing *#7370# then pressing OK/Yes buttons.
  5. The user then should turn off the C5 phone by pressing the power button. Then the user should turn on by pressing and holding the power button for some time.
  6. After the user turns on the phone on, he or she should wait for the phone to boot until the Nokia logo appears on the screen.

Once the Logo appears, hard resetting is complete. Since al previously saved files and applications are lost, the user should then restore the desired data from the back-up media as desired. Phone experts affirm that nokia c5 hard reset is the best technique to solve software malfunctions.

Hard Reset Huawei Prism

Hard Reset Huawei Prism

If someone has a Huawei prism, it is common knowledge that at some point, they will likely become bored with it, and decide to dispose it and find another new one. The money acquired from the sell can be used to purchase a new smart handset. However, the same old handset can be given to anyone for them to use if they want to purchase it from you, too. Therefore, before you transfer the ownership of the handset, it is a good idea to get rid of any sensitive information or personal data that can cause harm to either yourself or to the new owner. A hard reset is crucial at this stage. Unfortunately, most Huawei prism users lack this knowledge, and so the following are steps to be followed:

There are two methods used: the first uses a series of menu prompts and menus while the second involves using the buttons themselves to trigger the reset.

First way to Hard Reset Huawei Prism:

  • For all data saved in the internal memory of the phone, create a backup
  • Press the Menu button at the home tap
  • At Settings, press Privacy, then press Factory Reset, checking on the SD card Erase option, then press on the Erase Everything tap
  • Immediately, the phone displays on its screen loading sign, please wait while the process of erasing continues (which largely depends on the data in the handset to be erased). After erasing, the handset will reboot itself automatically to its original factory settings, as can be displayed by a new Huawei prism handset

Second way to do Hard Reset Huawei Prism:

  • As stated above, this procedure uses combinations of hardware buttons. This method is useful when navigation of the handset using its display touch screen is not possible; i.e. the phone has frozen. The power button is pressed simultaneously with the volume key (+)
  • Continue pressing both keys until the T-Mobile flashing logo passes
  • At that stage, some menu will be seen. The volume button will be used to navigate up or down while Select will be navigated by power button.
  • Then, select Factory Reset or Wipe Data, press Yes and accept to Delete All Data
  • The wait will begin since the amount of time it will take for this to finish is based on the amount of user data to be deleted.
  • Press Reboot System Now to end the process

Using either of the two methods described above will allow anyone to hard reset Huawei prism handset.