hard reset Blackbery P9982

A review on how to hard reset Blackbery P9982

There are a number of methods used for reseting Blackberry P9982 but the best one is the one that does not delete personal information and details.One of these methods is outlined below.

Step by step hard reset Blackberry P9982

1  In case the display is off,you should press the power button to turn it on

2  Touch the menu button then find and select settings.

3 Tap security and privacy menu.After tapping,touch the security wipe option.

4  In the text field,touch and type the word blackberry.

5  Then tap delete data.This is to initiate the process of security wipe.

6Your phone will reboot after deleting all data.
NOTE:You should never choose factory reset in case you want to retain all valuable data as well as information in your phone storage/memory.Select factory reset after backing up all the data in your phone may it be images,videos,files,programs among others.Remove the phone memory and Sim card while reseting using factory reset.

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