Bravis Power Phone

Steps to Hard Reset Bravis Power Phone

For some reason, you may be required to hard reset Bravis Power Phone. Before you embark on the activity it is advisable that you have a back up since you will lose all content that has been downloaded on your phone. However, you will retain contents in your sim card. Some of the materials you are likely to lose are apps, pictures, bugs and viruses.

Here are the steps followed to reset Bravis power phone:

If you can access the menu when the phone is on, you have an option to check on the settings and navigate to reset.

Alternatively, power off the phone and disconnect from power.

Press the volume keys on the sides up and down until a test screen appears. Let go off the keys and run the volume key down. When the factory reset appear, select using the power key and you will have reset your phone.

It is a remedy for slow phones, those that do not respond and in case you have forgotten your password. Now you know how to do hard reset on Bravis power phone and can try out confidently.

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