Hard Reset LG L60 X145

How to Hard Reset LG L60 X145

Hard reset is the process of restoring you device to its original state. Before performing this process, you need to charge your battery and back up all your data since you can`t recover it after reset. This article will discuss the two methods that can be used to hard reset LG L60 X145 phone.

How to hard reset LG L60 X145 using Hardware Buttons

  • Press and hold the volume down and power key until you see a LG logo display on your screen
  •  Release power button and immediately press it again
  • Use the volume buttons to select navigation keys Yes or No
  • Confirm using the power button and again use the volume keys to select your confirmation
  • The last step is to press the power button again so as to confirm the reset

How to hard reset using Menu

  •  Open your menu and choose settings
  •  Select backup and reset
  • Choose factory data reset and chose the reset device option
  •  Lastly choose the erase everything option.

Wait for some minutes as the device processes everything to factory reset your device.

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