Hard reset BlackBerry Q5

How to do Hard Reset BlackBerry Q5.

Attention! Before doing this action please make backup and turn out sdcard and sim-card. If you ignore this info be ready that you lost all your data.

The process of wipping data from your BlackBerry Q5 is very simple, with a few details perhaps different from the past BlackBerry OS.

Hard Reset BlackBerry Q5

  • Switch on your BlackBerry Q5
  • Go to the device options
  • In the device options, click security options
  • Select General settings
  • Next, press the menu key to confirm
  • Click Wipe hand held, and in the check-boxes select the things(applications) to reset
  • Click continue
  • Now type blackberry, and then OK.
  • Finish

However, in case you have forgotten your phone lock, user code, Google lock or pattern lock, this is what you need to do.

  • 1. Turn off your BlackBerry Q5
  • 2. Remove your SIM card and SD card from your phone
  • 3. Press and hold the Vol+ key and Vol- key
  • 4. While still holding them simultaneously, press the power button
  • 5. You will see the system recovery mode menu. Use the Vol- key to scroll and select wipe data/factory reset, and then press the power key to confirm.
  • 6. Wait until the phone completes resetting, and then select reboot system now.
  • 7. Press the power key to confirm.
  • 8. Your phone is now okay! Lets Rock!!

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