Blackberry Z3

Hard Reset Blackberry Z3

Hey there! Are you wondering how to hard reset Blackberry Z3?

It can certainly be difficult to try and figure it out on your own, wondering why the reset just won’t come to you like it rightfully should. Well, wonder no more! We’re here to help you get that reset started and be on your merry way.

First step:

Turn your power button if your display is off, turning it back on for you.

Next, find your Settings. Then go to Security and Privacy. From there, hit Security Wipe. This will wipe all of your security– which is what you want, right?

But first you’ll need to type in “blackberry” into the waiting field to get there. Once you’ve done that, tap the space that says “Delete Data”. This will delete everything you’ve accumulated and will start the security wipe.

That’s the whole process! A hard reset of your Blackberry Z3 is as easy as that. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your Blackberry!

2 thoughts on “Hard Reset Blackberry Z3

  1. noah

    thank u for this article..

  2. sibusiso

    i want wipe my bb z3.
    I am stuck from setup


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