hard reset Blackberry Priv

How should you do hard reset Blackberry Priv?

How should you do hard reset Blackberry Priv?


  • Make sure the battery is > 50%
  • Turn on BlackBerry Priv (STV100-1 / STV100-4)
  • Go to Menu – Setting > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone
  • Select Erase everything to continue and confirm you ready to do the format BlackBerry Priv (STV100-1 / STV100-4)
  • The BlackBerry Priv (STV100-1 / STV100-4) will do the process and make it to factory default.

How to Update BlackBerry Priv (STV100-1 / STV100-4) to latest Android Operating System ? 

BlackBerry Priv uses Android Lollipop as it factory default operating system. The specifications of the smartphone are capable of running Android Marshmallow without any problem, so we have to wait until the official firmware of Marshmallow is released for BlackBerry Priv (STV100-1 / STV100-4).

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