hard reset Huawei Y541-U02

How to do hard reset Huawei Y541-U02?

How can you hard reset Huawei Y541-U02?

When you need to do it, you need to follow the above procedure. The following are some of the procedure that you need to follow:

  1. Start by you switching off cell phone through using its Power key. You will be sure that you would understand what will best work for you especially when you need to do it right.
  2. Then press on it to hold Volume Up plus Power button well until you see that Adnroid logo on the screen when using the phone.
  3. Select by using Volume button as an option “wipe data or factory reset”, before you can confirm that has Power button.
  4. Select your “Yes–delete all the user data”. You should ensure that you restart your phone after completing the procedure for more updates. You need to make sure that it works well before you can start to use it.
  5. Your phone will be ready to work after updating it.


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