When thinking about how to hard reset Huawei Ascend Y530-U00, you should know the procedure on how to do it. Here is a guide on how to hard reset Huawei Ascend Y530-U00:

Step 1

You need to hold down your power key for some seconds whenever you want to switch off the device. It is important that press on by holding sim time 2 buttons like Volume Up with a Power button. You must have your Recovery Menu to appear in front through removing the fingers on the phone.

Step 2

Use the Volume Down when highlighting ” factory reset or wipe data ” to push Power button whenever you want to confirm it. It is important that you select “the Yes—when deleting all common user of data”.

Step 3

Make sure you select Volume Down button through scrolling Power key. Finally, restart your phone, through “rebooting the system”. You need to process to complete to have it right. You will have reset your phone.