Hard Reset Lenovo A319

How to Hard Reset Lenovo A319

This guide will serve as a brief look on how hard reset Lenovo A319 with the help of the built in reset option that Android offers.

Step 1: First turn off your LENOVO cell phone.

Step 2: Release any SIM card and SD card on your cell phone.

Step 3: Press and Hold Vol+ key and Power key 10 seconds.


Step 4: After at some point you got framework recuperation mode Use Vol – key select wipe information/factory reset and squeeze Power key to affirm.


Step 5: Use Vol-key to choose Yes — erase all client information and press Power key to Confirm. (Notice: when you select Yes — erase all client information and press POWER key you lost your telephone all client information)


Step 6: Wait until complete reset your telephone, select reboot framework now and press Power key.

Step 7: Now your Pad will reboot.

Step: Your Android cell phone is currently OK!!

Factory reset steps by Use Menu:

Step1: First Turn on your Lenovo cell phone.


Step2: Touch and Press Menu Button Go To Setting Menu >> Scroll and select Backup and reset >> Factory information reset >> Reset telephone >> Erase everything. After factory reset your cell phone will r

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