Hard Reset Nokia E75

Hard Reset Nokia E75

Before you buy a new phone or tablet, always try the following to repair the device.

First, take out your SIM and SD card, remove the battery completely, and, most importantly, back up your data on an external hard drive.

It will be easy and rewarding to recover your data after doing a hard reset and therefore online backup can be a brilliant alternative to secure information and applications for your Nokia e75 phone. For all your data, ensure that it is secured on a raid system, media hard drive, or even the earlier mentioned external hard drive. Luckily, with or without insurance coverage, if your phone is damaged, stolen, or lost, you will still be able to access all your data, wherever and whenever.

Hard Reset Nokia E75

The first option would be to format the phone by typing * 3 + Call + On power.

However, remember to provide the lock code before the phone is formatted as this is used to ascertain the owner of the phone.

In some cases, the default lock code is essentially provided as 12345.

Alternatively, some Nokia phones can be reset via the menu option by pressing:

  • the menu button,
  • followed by settings,
  • then phone,
  • phone management,
  • factory settings and
  • finally pressing YES for deleting and restoring data.

However, an important note, formatting the phone will permanently delete all the user data, application programs, and operator specific settings.

 Alternative Option for Nokia e75

This option restores the original operating system from the ROM and it is advisable not to delete the photos, document, videos, user settings, and/or third party add-on applications. Therefore, format the C as this option partitions, deletes all data including the memory card, and can be achieved by pressing the combination of #7370# key code. However, always note that to proceed to reset, your battery must be full and your mobile device connected to the charger. This should be done alongside knowing that once the device stops receiving electricity charge during the course of the reset, it can potentially and possibly ruin internal flash memory of your Nokia e75 mobile device and stop functioning.

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