Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi band problem with connection. Hard reset

Hard reset Mi Band

Some times after disconection my phone cant find device Xiaomi Mi band. To resolve this problem try to do this instruction:

Go to Phone settings > General > Application Manager > all  and find “Bluetooth” app and go into it (App info). Then click Clear data. After that try to connect again. Hope this instruction will help you.

2. “Too many bands nearby” this problem was solve when you do next:

  • Go to settings >> Bluetooth
  • Tap on the gear icon next to each saved Bluetooth device (including MiBand)
  • Select “Forget”
  • Now uninstall Mi Fit app
  • Download and reinstall Mi Fit and sign in

Many people want to do hard reset to Mi Band device but there is no instruction and no way to do that on smart bracelets. If you have problem with your device please use contact form in app Mi Fit to ask your problem.   But first try to find your problem on official forum  http://en.miui.com/.

If you try to conect first time to your smartphone you first need to know if your device have Bluetooth® 4.0. You can do it on site manufacture or download app on google play like BLE Checker or similar.


nanostation m2 factory reset

How to do hard reset at NanoStation m2?

If you have problem with NanoStation M2 or other model on this segment there are 2 way to do hard reset to default settings.

First way: connect your device to pc or notebook and enter this  ip adress: or other one you set > enter login and pass (ubnt by default)> choose “SYSTEM” menu > Press “Reset to Default“. Then just wait.

The second way we recommend to do when you forgot your password or cant connect to Nanostation via WEB. To do it please connect it to pc or notebook and turn on. Then you will need to press “Reset” near main lan port and wait 8-15 second. When done you will see all indication lamp will blinking few times. On some device the reset button on POE (see pic):

nanostation m2 hard reset

reset button Poe Nanostation

Sometimes after resetting user cant connect to Nanostation m2 and if you are one of them so maybe this information will help you:

  1. check cable connector (anyway)
  2. Set the lan ip(ipv4) to
    sub net mask
    default gate way  (where to do it? > connection setting > TCP/IPv4 )

Thanks for attention. Hope this info will useful for you 🙂

How To Hard Reset Your HTC Phone

You can hard reset your HTC phone when you use a simple procedure that will work whether you have your phone frozen or not. Your phone could freeze at any time, but you will be able to do both of these things to make sure that you have your phone working again.

It is much easier for people to reset their phones when they have two options, and you can start with the simple reset that involves your battery.

You can take your battery out for 30 seconds and put it back in at any time, and that is going to help you make sure that it is going to have to restart itself when you put the battery back in.

This is a very easy thing for you to manage, and then you will be able to do this any time the phone freezes. Just take the battery out, and then you can put it back in without even a thought.

You will be able to do this any time you need to reset, and it will happen without a problem.

There are times when you need to reset the device by pressing buttons, and you can hold down the power and the volume down button. Holding them down for a few seconds is going to help you make sure that you have reset the phone, and it will start itself over The software will begin to restart, and you will see the Android symbol while it is starting back up.

It is going to ask you what you want to do with the phone, and you can start as normal, reset the whole phone or do a factory reset that wipes the phone.

The choice is up to you, and you need to make sure that you pick the right one when you choose to reset the phone. Everyone who is trying to keep their phone in good shape needs to know how to reset it to avoid problems.

The things that people are using their phones for can be a stress on the phone, but you will be able to get past those stresses if you are going to use the phone the right way.

You can reset the phone at any time, and you will be able to make sure that it is going to be working the right way when you use either of the reset functions on the phone.

reset Macbook Pro

How to reset Macbook Pro

We have all had issues with our computers and might not know how to exactly fix them. One of the ways to fixing any problem with your Macbook Pro is resetting the computer back to its original factory settings. This will save you stress, money, and time.

The first method is a factory reset Macbook Pro.

This method will get rid of all the stored data on your computer. Before using this method you should make sure all of your data is backed up.

When you reset your macbook pro you will be deleting data and reinstalling the hard drive of the computer. Any programs you have installed since first purchasing the Macbook you are going to have to reinstall once you complete this method.

The first step in the process is to restart the computer and hold down the command and R button at the same time. Doing this will bring up the Macbook Pro’s recovery function.

Once the recovery function window pops up on the screen you want to select the recovery hard drive. This section of the computrs hard drive is specifically used for the computers recovery function.

In the next screen you want to click on the section of the page that says disk utility. Then click the continue button. Once the disk utility screen loads you are going to be shown a list of hard disks to choose from. From this list you should choose the Macintosh hard drive disk and click erase.

Some users main hard drives name might have been changed. If the name has been changed chooses whatever hard drive is your main hard drive and click erase.

The next step is to click on the “format” drop down menu on the next page and select the option Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then click the erase button.

Please be patient because erasing can take some time. After the that has finished you should close the disk utility page.

Once you close the page you will be returned to the recovery menu. Next you should connect to a wirless network. In order to download the Apple operating system you need to be connected to the internet.

Once you are connected click reinstall OS X and then click the install button. The istallation process can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Select the hard drive you want to install which should be the one you just erased. Thats it enjoy!

Hard Reset An Amazon Kindle Fire

How To Hard Reset An Amazon Kindle Fire

Are you have been experiencing technical difficulties with your Amazon Kindle Fire? Then you may need to follow the simple steps provided within this article for performing a hard reset.

Keep on reading to confirm whether or not a hard reset is the best option for you, and if it is, you will learn right now, exactly how to do it.

For starters, you should know that by completing the hard reset an Amazon Kindle Fire would restore all of your settings to its original default settings.

It is highly recommended to really consider backing up all of your current settings and or preferences because things like your game progress and third-party applications along with in-app purchases may or may not become erased or even lost by doing a hard reset.

There are some things to take note of first before deciding to following though with the actual hard reset.

Here are some questions to answer before you decide on a hard reset an Amazon Kindle Fire:

• Have you been experiencing technical difficulties?
• Have you been locked out of your tablet?
• Did you happen to forget your password?
• Do you want wipe your tablet(s) completely clean in order to give it away to someone else or to maybe resell it?

If you have already deemed it necessary to hard reset your Amazon Kindle Fire, you can follow these brief but simple steps to do so.

What you need to do in order to perform a hard reset an Amazon Kindle Fire:

1. Swipe down from the top of your screen and go to your Settings.
2. Tap the Device Options button, and then tap Reset to Factory Defaults.
3. Tap the Reset option and tap yes to confirm that you want to reset to factory defaults, and then you’re done!

I just want to say congratulations for performing a hard reset on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet! Your Amazon Kindle Fire should be reset and you can proceed to download your previously purchased games and applications from the Google Play store or from your cloud storage device or website service.

Apple TV Hard Reset

Apple TV Hard Reset

The Apple TV hard rest and soft reset are the same because the OS starts over in both instances.

Apple TV Hard Reset

You can unplug the device and plug it back in, or you can hold down the power and the volume button at the same time.

Do this for a few seconds, and the device will restart.

You are going to end up turning the OS off and back on, and then you will be in the best shape to start using it again.

People who are having a hard time using their remote should go for the unplug version of the reset because it is easier to do, but you need to leave the device unplugged for a few seconds before you plug it back in.

You are allowing the device to shut all the way down, and then you are going to power it back up so that you can keep working. There is a lot to watch on your Apple TV, and that is why you want to do the unplugging right the first time.

The people who are using the remote need to remember that the remote reset is only going to work if they allow it to cycle all the way through.

You do not want to press the button combination so many times that it loses its meaning, and you do not want to end up in a situation where you are doing the reset so many times that you confuse the device.

This means that you will be able to get much better results if you just do it once and wait for it.

Everyone who is in this kind of situation needs to remember that it is going to be much easier to do this if they point it right at the TV and only press the buttons one time.

You need to make sure that you have done this the right way the first time. Also you need to be very careful with your Apple TV so that you are going to have the TV working the right way all the time.

Anyone who is not taking care of their TV is going to see it slow down. You need to make sure that you have done all that you can to get the results that you want.

Your Apple TV will work much better if you reset it in the right way.

hard reset xbox 360

How to hard reset XBoX 360?

Hard resetting of the xbox 360 is not as hard as many people would think. By following these simple steps a person can reset their xbox 360 back to the original settings.

How to do hard reset XBoX 360?

To begin the processing of hard resetting the device make sure that it is turned on as well as the television. Now a person should go to the navigation bar and select the system settings tab from the home screen.

Once a person gets to the next screen they should select the console settings from the drop down menu. The next screen will bring a person to a drop down menu once again.

From this menu the system info should be selected.
At this point a person will be given the serial number of the xbox 360.

They should write this number down since each system has its own unique code. Using the controller a person needs to press the B button twice.

This will bring them back to the system setting screen.
Once a person is back to the system settings they should select the storage or memory button. This will bring a person to a screen where they will be able to access the hard drive.

Once a person selects hard drive they need to press the Y button on the controller. The device options menu will then show up. A person will select format from this new menu.
Once the menu comes up a person will be asked if they want to delete all content from the xbox. At this point they should select yes to be able to remove all the content that is on the xbox 360.

Before the content is deleted a person is going to have to enter the serial number that they have written down. After this is finish a person will select the done button. Within a matter of minutes all the content that they put onto the xbox 360 will be deleted.
This is an easy way that a person can hard delete the content on the xbox 360. Following this method will help a person restore the device back to its original factory setting.

Factory Reset an iMac

How to Factory Reset an iMac

You might want to reset your iMac for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps you are getting ready to sell it, or give it away as a present. In fact you want to reset your iMac for selling just in case some personal data is still on the computer.

The last thing you want is a stranger having that embarrassing fan fiction saved to your desktop or, even worse, your passwords and credit card information.

Or maybe something is wrong with your computer and it needs to be reset. But you don’t want to go to the Apple store for them to reset it, not when you can do it for free at home.

Resetting it is a simple set of steps that you can do yourself. You don’t even have to call the Apple Customer Care provider for help on this one.

These instructions work for versions earlier than OS X Lion. For OS X Lion or later, you can use your Mac’s Recovery System to reset your computer.

Before you do this, remember what Factory Settings entails. The hard drive will be wiped completely clean, so make sure you have everything you want to keep backed up on either flash drives or online.

This includes pictures, videos, word documents, and computer programs that you downloaded and installed. All of it will be gone when the computer is reset and once the hard drive is wiped, you can’t get them back.

So lets Factory Reset an iMac

  1. The first thing you want to do is restart your Mac while holding down the command and R keys until the Apple logo appears.
    2. After this a window should appear saying “OS X Utilities”.
    3. Click the Disk Utility icon and then click continue. Click on your startup disk from the sidebar and then click the Erase tab.
    4. Make sure Mac OS Extended is selected in the format popup menu.
    5. Click the Erase button.
    6. Then click the Desk Utility menu and select Quit.
    And you’re done! It is really that easy.
Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1 j100h/j110h/j120h

A hard reset is necessary, if you’re want to sale your phone, and want none of your private information to stay on the phone.

However, there are some problems that cannot be solved by just doing a soft reset and that’s when you have to Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1. Hard reset involves wiping your Samsung galaxy j1 of everything in its memory. It’s like reformatting your phone.

To do a hard reset Samsung galaxy j1 and similar device involves two methods:

First Method.

This is the simplest and some people overlook this because they think that it’s not a proper hard reset but it is.

Just go to Start->Settings-> and then Clear Storage. Enter 1234 and then press yes. That’s it.

However, there are times that your phone becomes so unresponsive that it won’t even get pass the start-up screen. That’s when the second method comes in handy.

Second Method.

Press the camera and the communication button on the right side of the device simultaneously.

While keeping the buttons pressed, press the hole at the bottom of the device with the stylus.

Release the stylus but don’t release your hold on the camera and communication buttons.

The screen will turn black and then a message will appear that says to press the send button.

Press the call button (green phone button) on the device and while keeping the button pressed, release the camera and communication buttons.

There will be a message stating that the phone is being formatted. Release the send button.

You are now finished doing a hard reset on the Samsung galaxy j1.

unlock pattern Asus Zenfone Laser

Forgot your Asus Zenfone Laser unlock pattern?

Forgot your Asus Zenfone Laser unlock pattern? Follow this steps to unlock your device.

We’re going to do hard reset Asus Zenfone Laser – just follow this steps:

1. Before beginning, check if your phone is fully charged. If not, please go plug it and wait until it is.

2. Once the phone is charged, press the Power-button to turn off your device.

3. Once the phone is turned off, simultaneously press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. You can release the buttons once the Asus logo appears on screen.

4. The phone will be entering the Android Recovery mode, displaying a menu of options. Use the Volume-Down-button to select the “Recovery” option,press the Power-button to confirm the selection, then release.

5. The Android logo should appear on screen. Once this happens, press the Power-button again, and hold it there. While holding the Power button, press the Volume up button once. A menu with options will appear on screen.

6. Use the Volume-down-button-to select the “wipe data/factory reset” option.Press the Power-button to confirm. A menu with options will appear on screen.

7. Use the Volume-down button-to select the “Yes-delete all user data” option.Press the Power-button to confirm. A menu with options will appear on screen.

8. Select the “Reboot system now” option, press Power-button to confirm.