How to do Hard Reset Lenovo Vibe K5 and K5 Plus

Make sure your battery is fully charged, recommended that your battery was 80 percents of capacity. Also make backup, because your data may be deleted.<>

    – Go to menu: System Setting
    – Select Backup and Reset
    – Factory Data Reset
    – Reset Phone
    – Choose Erase everything to confirm that you already to perform hard reset on LENOVO K5 PLUS
    – Next will continue to reset hard process to restore factory default.

Hard Reset LENOVO K5 PLUS Using Hardware Keys:

1. Make sure your battery is fully charged; we recommended that your battery has 80% power
2. Always back up your important data that store in LENOVO K5 PLUS. See this guide
3. Turn Off your LENOVO K5 PLUS by Hold and press Power Button for a second.
4. Release any SIM card and SD card that was installed on your LENOVO K5 PLUS smartphone.
5. Then press and hold a combination key Volume UP + Power button.
6. Release all button when you see a menu.
7. On the menu, you can select recovery option.
8. Then you will see Lenovo Logo on your big screen
9. Wait a minute; then you will enter Android System Recovery menu.
10. To navigate the menu on this screen, you can use volume up and volume down, then use the power button to execute your selection.
11. Now, select Wipe data/Factory reset using volume down and confirm it using the power button.
12. On the next screen, you must select yes — delete all user data.
13. Now your phone will start to process erase / wipe all data in your device.
14. After finish, the system will return to the main recovery menu, now select reboot.
15. You can wait a while for device to reboot system
16. Done, your hard reset process success now.

Ours Congratulation! Your phone are working fine again. If this two ways cant help you to do hard reset then you need to visit service center because it looks like it is technical problem

reset Huawei Y6 Pro

Huawei Y6 Pro Hard Reset

Before you perform this reset on your device, you may want to back up any files you have on the phone to refrain from losing any of your data. Once you have done so, follow these steps to perform a hard reset on your Huawei Y6 Pro.

  1. First, switch off your device by holding down the power key.

2) Next, at the same time, hold down the Volume up and Power Key for a few seconds.

3)Release the buttons as soon as The Huawei logo appears. You will then be directed to a system recovery mode screen.

4)Using the volume buttons, select the “wipe data/factory reset” option that will appear on the screen.

Then, press the power key to confirm your choice.

5)Once again, select “wipe data/factory reset” and accept with the power key.

6)Wait until your device has completely reset, then select the “reboot system now” option with the power key and it shall reboot.

And success! Your device has now been reset.

lenovo a7000 hard reset

Forgot your Lenovo A7000 unlock pattern?

Have problem with Lenovo A7000? Not working good? Heating Problem?  A7000-a Wireless and Hotspot not working?

First of all, don’t lose your head, things like this can happen to the best of us – not so different from losing your keys. Here’s an easy, step-by-step solution:

How to do hard reset Lenovo A7000 :

1. Make sure your phone is charged. If it isn’t plug it in and wait for it.

2. Once the phone is charged, unplug it and switch it off.

3. Hold the Volume-Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time, then briefly press the Power-button while holding the other two.

4. Android Recovery’s menu will appear on your screen. Once this happens, remove your fingers from the buttons.

5. Use Volume Down to select the “Wipe data/factory reset” option. Once you’re there, press the Power-button to confirm.

6. Use Volume Down to select the “Yes-delete all user data” option.Press the Power-button to confirm.

7. Once the data is wiped, select the “Reboot system now” option that will appear on your screen.

8. Your Lenovo A7000 will restart with pattern reset.

See? It wasn’t that hard to perform the hard reset. Now that you’re good to go, choose your pattern wisely!

Note: Before doing hard reset you need to make backup. It will be save your information like: photo, video, contacts, all setting and many other costom settings. 

hard reset LG G2 Flex 2 H955

How to do hard reset LG G2 Flex 2 H955

How to do hard reset LG G2 Flex 2 H955

The following are some of the methods:

Method 1

For the majority of your flexible information, a bolster information ought to be done on an outside contraption, hard drive, attack framework or media. With or without breaker, if your wireless lost, relaxed or stolen up any event your endless information is went down in a protected room. If you offer your versatile and you try to wipe your private information, or if your telephone touched with sickness you need to do a hard reset. Here and there, you can destroy the out-of-brain secret key or jar diagram from your smaller also.


Step by step instructions:

  1. Guarantee the battery totally charged
  2. Fortification all your basic data
  3. Press What’s more, Hold Volume up screen
  4. Release Power key, and a short time later rapidly press the Power key yet again
  5. Hit the Power catch to confirm your decision
  6. Press Power catch to certify the reset.


hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

Here straightforward tutorial which will help you on how to do hard reset at Samsung G900 Galaxy S5 4G LTE utilizing code, button mix or from settings menu.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 from recuperation mode

1. For this system, you should enter your S5 in android recuperation mode

2. To do along these lines, you should switch of your Galaxy S5 and press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home buttons in the meantime.

3. Don’t discharge the buttons unless you see the recuperation mode screen.

5. Once your Samsung Galaxy S5 is in recuperation mode you can utilize “volume up” and “down buttons” to look here and there and “power button” to make a choice.

6. Presently scroll to”wipe information factory reset” and make a choice utilizing the “force button”.

That is It Hard Resetting Samsung Galaxy S5 utilizing code

1. For typical Factory Hard Reset of Galaxy S5, attempt this code: *#7780#

2. For Full Hard Resetting your Galaxy S5, attempt this code: *2767*3855# (it won’t request affirmation)

Hard Resetting Samsung Galaxy S5 from settings menu

1. Explore to Settings->Back up and reset->Factory information reset. also, tap on “Factory information reset”.

Kindly don’t neglect to give a check mark for “Reinforcement my information” and “Automatic restore” if a reinforcement and automatic restore of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is required after the hard reset.

hard reset LG Leon Y50

How To Do Hard Reset At LG Leon Y50 H324 Titan

The hard reset function is in all android phones. Before hard reset, Please make backup or your data will be lost.

This steps:

How to do hard reset at LG Leon Y50 H324 Titan smartphone’s.

Resetting Process
Ensure your battery is completely charged, we recommend that your battery power will be 80%.

Continuously Back Up your essential information that store in LG Leon H324. see this aide

Turn LG Leon H324 off by hold and squeeze Power Button for brief moment.

Discharge SIM card SD card that was introduced on LG Leon H324 smartphone.

At that point press hold a combination key Volume Down Power catch.

Discharge all catch when your telephone vibrate and indicate Android logo on screen.

Hold up a while, then enter Factory reset Data

On this screen utilize Volume Up catch to choose menu, then excute your decision utilizing power catch.

On the off chance that you selected Yes your telephone will begin eradicate all client information and restore to default setting, and your telephone will demonstrate screen picture.You can sit tight for a few minutes for LG Leon H324 to reboot system Done,

Hard reset is done.

hard reset LG enV Touch VX11000

How to do hard reset at LG enV Touch VX11000 Phone

Steps to Reset Settings for LG enV Touch VX11000 Phone

Restoring default settings will reset Sound, Display, Phone and Call Settings to factory default specifications. So we  recommend to do backup.

From the fundamental screen, touch Menu.

Touch Settings and Tools.

Select Phone Settings.

Touch Security.

Enter lock code. The default lock code is the last four digits of your telephone number.

Touch Reset Default.

Touch OK.


How To Hard Rest iRULU New Victory 3 V3 Phone

If you have problem with iRULU New Victory 3 V3 Phone dont harry to visit service center. There are 2 ways to try reanimate for your phone:

Step 1

Switch off the phone by down pressing the Power button.

Step 2

Hold down the Volume Up together with the Power button for around 5 seconds.

Step 3

Once the Android Robot image appears release the held keys.

Step 4

Hold down the power key to gain access to the recovery mode.

Step 5

From the menu that will appear choose the Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ option using the power button and scrolling using the volume buttons.

Step 6

Tap the yes’ option to confirm your choice to wipe data.

Step 7

Finally, use the phones Power button to select the reboot system now’ option and complete the hard reset.

It is also possible to hard rest the iRULU New Victory 3 V3 Phone through its own settings. Once the phone is on go to the Menu to locate and select Settings. Choose the Backup & Reset option. Tap on Factory data reset and then choose Reset device and erase everything. This will automatically hard reset the device.

Hard Reset Nokia E7-00

How To Hard Reset Nokia E7-00

Software problems can make use of your Nokia E7-00 very frustrating and cause several problems that can be resolved by a hard reset Nokia E7-00.

This Problems looks like you need to do Hard Reset Nokia E7-00:
– Voice issues
– Data Damage
– Camera Stand By
– Bluetooth and Wifi Issues
– Unresponsive Touchscreen

Preparation before hard reset:
– Charge mobile phone handset
– Backup important contact data and media
– Remove Sim Card and SD card

Note: After the hard reset of the Nokia E7-00 all data will be lost and impossible to retrieve so make sure to save all important data and backup on a hard drive or external device.

Hard Reset Nokia E7-00

Method 1

>Phone Managment
> Factory Settings
>Delete Data And Restore

If the Nokia E7-00 handset is unresponsive use the following method.

Method 2

>Take battery out of phone before reinserting
>Hold down the following buttons: Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key
> While holding down these buttons press and hold the power button
The Nokia E7-00 will vibrate to indicate the hard reset of the handset.

hard reset Sony Xperia E C1504

How to do hard reset Sony Xperia E C1504

How to do hard reset Sony Xperia E C1504.

Open forgot security screen lock pin at your Sony Xperia E using Google account.

At the point when your telephone as of now on, but bolted, attempt to give several time wrong stick continuously until your Xperia E solidifying about 30 seconds, as of now you can discover Forgot Password button, press this button then please give your Gmail account username and password that you have signed in before.

Make sure your Internet information association dynamic while open your telephone, because your Xperia E attempt to get confirmation from Google server. If you can not access Google account, then please use PC Companion steps to hard reset or reformat your telephone once more. But the majority of your information will be uproot or wipe in the wake of doing reformat using PC Companion.

Follow next instruction:
1. press the Menu key
2. select Settings
3. scroll to and choose Privacy
4. scroll to and choose Factory Data Reset
5. go to Reset Phone
6. select Everything

And always remember that this will reset everything back to factory default settings, remember to backup your Sony Xperia E C1504’s important data at first.