hard reset Samsung J700/DS

Two ways to hard reset Samsung J700/DS

Instead of rushing to a shop for repair or purchase another handset, one can try one of the following procedures to hard reset SamsungJ700H/DS. The battery should be fully charged or more then 70%. It is important to backup vital information such as contacts messages, images, emails and settings. Remove the SD card and SIM card. It is important to backup your data on a hard drive, raid system media because after hard reset data is wiped clean.

Hard reset Samsung J700/DS J710h by using External Keys

  • In Recovery Mode select factory reset
  • Press the Power key as a confirmation
  • Select Yes to erase all data and then confirm by pressing the power key
  •  Select Reboot system to finish hard reset

Reset Via Master key

  • Press power button to turn the device on
  • Enter this code in dialer: *2767*3855#
  •  Tap Call key to confirm whole Factory reset procedure, the device should reboot


If these don’t work, then take the device to a repair shop for further assistance.

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