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Hard Reset Nokia 5800 express music

Hard Reset Nokia 5800 express music

Nokia Company is one of the most trusted companies in the mobile phone industry. They are well known for making genuine phones. Nokia Company makes a variety of mobile phones and among them is the Nokia 5800 express music.

It is such a good phone that most of us would admire having it around. However, there have been questions arising on how to do hard reset Nokia 5800.

Nokia support discussion forums with their clients have revealed the following as some of the ways that you can hard reset your Nokia 5800 express music.

Hard Reset Nokia 5800

So how to do hard reset Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic?


1. First take out your memory card after doing a back for your phone.

2. *#7780# is the key in code to key in. This code normally resets your phone to the initial factory settings. Bear in mind that by doing this, your data is not going to be lost at all. However, performing the actions that follow this step will delete all of your data so you need to back it up well somewhere. One thing most people need to be aware is about the star key (*) that is written immediately before the hash key (#) because most of them assume and conclude that the method does not work at all. Bear in mind that the code that will default all your settings in these operations is 12345.

3. Reformat your phone by keying in *#7370#. Keep in mind that your data is going to be lost here and is advisable that you earlier back it up. It is a different case to newer Nokia phones such as n series, s60 and e series as they have ad-up data preservation. In case your phone does not show any response, do hard formatting switch off your phone while holding 12345 the default code. Finally perform the last step below.

4. Do hard reset. This is normally done by holding star key (*), talk key which is the green key together with the number 3 button key. Switch on your phone still while holding the same buttons. For the case of express music, hard reset is normally done by pressing camera, green(calling key) and red keys (power key) at once. Do not leave it until the handshake screen is seen. This normally works for the 5800 that are of firmware versions 20 and ahead.

Those are the commonly known procedures of hard resetting your Nokia 5800. In case your phone does not respond to the above codes, never hesitate as you have your care assistant who you will seek more assistance from.

Hard reset Nokia С5

Hard reset Nokia С5

Software malfunction is the general problem that cause hanging of the Nokia c5 phones. It is difficult to identify the exact cause of the malfunction unless the user is an expert in phone technology.

Phone experts warn that if the problem persist, the user should not hurriedly rush to the phone shop to buy another phone. The problem can be solved by hard resetting the phone.

C5 factory reset

Experts argue that hard reset is the best method of solving software problem of your Nokia c5 phone. However, hard resetting erases all the data stored in the phone including the settings, video clips, mp3s, pdf document, and word document permanently. This is because hard resetting the phone restores all the factory settings.

For safety purposes, the users should take care of data stored in their c5 handsets. The primary and the cheapest precaution to secure your data when performing nokia c5 hard reset is backing up the data in other media. The safest media to save the Nokia c5 data is an external memory. This helps the user avoid losing valuable data stored in the handset. Other backing up media include:

  • Saving documents as attachments in the email accounts
  • Saving video clips and mp3s in the Dropbox online accounts
  • Saving clips on external hard drive for instance in the computer hard disk or an external disk.
  • Saving files in the flash disks
  • It is also advisable to delete unwanted or expired information from your c5 Nokia phone to safe memory requirements.

Once backing up is successful, the user can perform following procedure:

Hard reset Nokia С5

  1. Turn off the Nokia c5 phone.
  2. Remove the battery and then put it on.
  3. Press and continue holding “*”+ “3”+ CALL button for some time say five seconds. In C5 Nokia phone, the call button can be a green symbol of telephone handle printed on the CALL key.
  4. Alternatively the user can reset by dialing *#7370# then pressing OK/Yes buttons.
  5. The user then should turn off the C5 phone by pressing the power button. Then the user should turn on by pressing and holding the power button for some time.
  6. After the user turns on the phone on, he or she should wait for the phone to boot until the Nokia logo appears on the screen.

Once the Logo appears, hard resetting is complete. Since al previously saved files and applications are lost, the user should then restore the desired data from the back-up media as desired. Phone experts affirm that nokia c5 hard reset is the best technique to solve software malfunctions.