Hard Reset HTC HD7

Hard Reset HTC HD7 – Solve your problems

If you encounter some challenges with your HTC HD7 phone, such as it is very slow, it hands up unexpectedly, or shows any unusual performance; or if you have difficulty with any installed application or the device is not responding properly, you may need to reset your device. Before attempting a Hard Reset, perform a soft reset first. If that fails, then try a hard reset. Numerous cell phone manufacturers provide users the chance to hard reset gadgets with many options.


Before giving up on your HTC HD7, try a hard reset of your device. Before attempting this, however, remember to:

  • Charge your battery.
  • Backup your vital data and remove SD and SIM card.

Note: You cannot retrieve your data after a hard reset, so it is vital to back up important information. Use an external back up device such as an SD card or computer hard drive. This is recommended even if you do not need to reset your phone, so that if your device is stolen, you always have your important data.


Three Reasons You May Need to Reset Your HTC HD7

  • The phone takes too long to boot.
  • You forgot your
  • Phone always freezes.
  • …your versions


Remember: A hard reset will delete all information in the memory of the phone and return the phone to the original state it was in when it was taken out of the box.


Hard Reset HTC HD7 Using Hardware Keys

Use this method if you are not able to boot into the Android OS due to system failure or it takes longer to boot because of the number of apps mounted on the phone.

  • Switch the phone off.
  • Tap and hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER keys.
  • Continue holding down the keys until the data and settings are reset and new options appear.
  • Use the VOLUME DOWN key to select Factory Reset.
  • Use the POWER key to select Hard Reset.

The HTC HD7 will then finish the hard reset procedure. The SD card containing photos and music should be unaffected.

Hard Reset via the Software Process

If you can boot into the device, you may apply this option.

  • Press the application slider and choose the Setting
  • Choose SD and Handset (phone) Storage, or choose About Phone.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.
  • Choose Reset Phone.
  • Select Delete (erase) Everything (all).

Properly following of the above procedure will help you to reset your HTC HD7 phone.

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