HTC My Touch 4g

Hard reset HTC My Touch 4g

If your phone is locked or unresponsive you can reset it using various methods, one of the best method is using the hardware keys option. When you perform a hard reset, you restore the factory settings and erase content stored in the internal memory, which includes contacts, images, downloaded ringtones, and programs.


The features below will allow you to reset sound profiles, display settings and combined phone and memory card settings. However if you would like to reset your factory settings without losing data then you must clear cache before you perform the hard reset.

In the follow article, I will describe step by the steps to perform a hard reset on two phone models.

First we will start with the T mobile my touch 4G.

  • If your phone is plugged in a charger or USB cable, you will need to unplug it.
  • Save all your open files and back up necessary data on the internal memory this protects your files from synchronization
  • Remove the battery from the device -this is very important since turning off the device with the power button does not work because of the fast Boot feature.
  • Re-insert back your battery,
  • Press and hold the power key together with the volume down key, make sure you don’t release any of them.
  • When you see three images on your screen release the volume down key and some options are displayed like this:
    • SIM LOCK
  • If you find that you are stuck with a screen display that shows “FAST BOOT” and H BOOT without any other options to choose from, it means that you have pressed the Back button. To get back to the regular options press the power key on the H BOOT .
  • Press the volume down key twice to select the factory reset on your phone.
  • Press the power key in order to initiate the master reset.
  • In your last step, you will see a display on the boot up screen with images of arrows above a device with a progress bar and finally the phone is restarts.


  1. In your home screen press the menu button
  2. Scroll down and select settings.
  3. Select SD and Phone storage
  4. Select the factory data reset option
  5. Use the Tap reset phone option
  6. In the last step select erase everything.

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