HTC Desire V t328w

HTC Desire V t328w hard reset

First step when you purchase or sale of second-hand Android device, it is necessary to make complete dumping of settings, also-called Hard Reset (wipe clear, dumping on factory settings). It completely will remove all user data, settings, appendices, etc. 

Attention!!! Before doing hard reset please make back-up all your data(contacts, photo…)

Desire V t328w – first HTC Smartphone with 2 SIM cards, controlled with the newest version of Android 4.. OS and the updated version of the firm HTC Sense™ 4.0.a interface.  The device has 4″ Super LCD display, with heavy-duty Corning™ Gorilla Glass and 5 MP camera with built-in flash and auto focus.

How to make a hard reset HTC Desire V t328w?

There 2 ways to do this:

1) Program way – this way will approach if your phone works fine.

Turn on >> Menu >> Settings >> Storage >> Factory Data Reset >> Choose what to reset (phone memory or memory card).>> Press Factory Reset.

Hard Reset Hts desire V t328wFactory Reset Hts desire V t328w
htc factory data resethow to data reset hts desire v

2)     Hardware way: if you have some problem with your phone.

1. It is necessary to be convinced that device is off.

2.  Press and hold the Volume down button, and then for a while press the button of Power

3. Wait for the Recovery screen with a picture of the three(one) androids, and then release the Volume Down button

4. Use the volume control to select Clear Storage (clear memory), and then press the power button.

To confirm hard reset of memory, press the volume up button.

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  1. neil

    HTC Desire V t328w IMEI issues as no calls(in/out) doing. Plz solve it.


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