hard reset MOTOROLA XT1100 NEXUS 6


Motorola Google Nexus 6 is a powerful Android phone, although problems like hanging, not responding, malfunctioning, freezing or bricking may occur. The two methods below are hence used to solve the problem. Before, always make sure to charge the phone fully and backup all the important data since it will be deleted.

Method 1: Hard Reset using hardware button key

  • Switch off the device using the power button.
  • Long-press the Volume Down and Power button together for a few second until the phone turn on again.
  • Using the volume button to navigate downwards, a recovery option’ will appear on the LCD screen with a red triangle.
  • When this Android image appears, long-press Volume Up button and the Power button until a menu bar appears.
  • Using the Volume button, navigate down to choose Wipe data’ or Factory reset’ option.
  • Scroll down using the volume button to select Delete all user data’ using the power button.
  • For the next several minutes, the phone will perform the master reset.
  • After that, select “reboot system now” to restart the phone.

Method 2: Hard Reset using menu settings

  • Turn on the device using the power device.
  • On the menu, select settings.
  • Press Backup & reset option, then Factory data reset.
  • Select Reset Phone’
  • Press Erase everything’ and confirm the operation by selecting  OK’.

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