hard reset motorola droid razr maxx xt912

How Do You Hard Reset Motorola Droid Razr Maxx XT912?

Different devices require different processes to reset them, and you should be aware of the correct procedure to reset your device to avoid damaging it. Using the wrong procedure can affect the normal programming of your device. This means that you will have to take it to a professional for repair, which will cost you money and extra time.

To hard reset Motorola Droid Razr Maxx XT912, begin by switching off the device.

Next, follow these steps to reset the device:

  1. Press and hold Volume Down, Volume Up, and Power. When you release the buttons, the device should enter into Bootloader mode and display a menu.
  2. From the Bootloader menu, select the recovery option using the Volume Down button.
  3. Immediately press the Volume Up button. An Android with a triangle will appear. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  4. Next, select Factory Reset/Wipe Data. Use the Volume bottons to browse icons until you find the correct one. After selecting Factory Reset/Wipe Data press the Power button to confirm the selection.
  5. An option of deleting all user data will appear. Accept by using the Power button.
  6. Next, use the power button to select Reboot System Now.

You have now performed a hard reset of your Motorola Droid Razr Maxx XT912.

Note: Performing a hard reset on this device will erase all data. It is very important that you back up the data on an external storage card for later retrieval.

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