hard reset Motorola DROID Ultra XT1080

Hard Reset Motorola DROID Ultra XT1080

Do you have any idea on how to reset your Motorola DROID Ultra XT1080?

Well if not, you are in the right place to find out. You have three options to reset the phone. Which one you choose depends ultimately on your needs and the desired results.

  • The first option is a simple reset that will not erase data on your phone.
  • First, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time for about 20 seconds. The device will restart and go through its normal boot-up sequence.
  • The second method will erase all data on your phone. To perform this method, touch the Start Button and go to Settings. From here, touch Factory Data Reset. To reset the phone, simply follow the directions provided to you. It is an easy and stress-free method.

Sometimes you may not be able to access the phone menu. In those situations, you would use the standard External Factory Reset method. When using this method, all data saved to your phone will be deleted. You must also have at least 25% batter life on your device to perform it. If you do not have enough battery life, or you cannot complete the reset before your battery life runs out, recharge your phone for about 30 minutes, and begin or restart the process.

  • To perform the External Factory Reset, which can be done while the phone is off, press the Volume Down button for about 3 seconds, and then press and release the Power button. The device will display multiple booting options. Use the Volume Down button to scroll through the options and Volume Up to select the option you want. Note that if you allow the device to reboot, you will have to start over again to reset the device. After you make your reboot selection, you will see the Motorola and Android logos on screen with an Exclamation (!) mark. Press the Volume Up key for about 15 seconds. While doing so, press and release the Power button.

Remember before trying to reset your phone to take steps to ensure you do not lose important data, such as files, photos, and phone numbers. Before attempting any reset, back up data on your phone onto a removal storage device or media storage card.

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