Hard Reset Motorola Moto G

Hard Reset Motorola Moto G CDMA XT1031 Smartphone

The first crucial steps to do Hard Reset Motorola Moto G CDMA XT1031

You first need to switch off the phone so that the hard reset may be effected.

Then you need to press the VOLUME DOWN, POWER KEY simultaneously for approximately three to five seconds before releasing the keys.

Second stage

A pop up menu is supposed to appear and this is where you should go next. If this menu does not appear, then please follow the instructions above again.

You now need to go to RECOVERY and you should remember to use the volume down and not the volume up as this is really important.

To select you use the volume up. So click on the RECOVERY using volume up.

After you have done this, an exclamation mark that is android should come up.

Final stage

Press at least two times the volume up plus the power key simultaneously. One click both should be enough for this procedure.

Now, you need to head to wipe data with the volume keys and use the power key to do the selection.

Your phone will do the rest.

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