Hard Reset Motorola DROID

Hard Reset Motorola DROID MAXX XT1080M

The process involved to hard reset Motorola DROID MAXX XT1080M is simple. However, before you proceed, to be safe, make sure the phone is charged past 40%. Also, remember that you will lose all your personal data. You have two options to complete the process:

Method 1

1. Press menu
2. Go to system settings
3. Select privacy
4. Tap Factory Data Reset
5. Confirm the selection and wait for the device to complete the process.

Method 2

1. Power off the phone, and then power it on while holding the ‘Volume Down’ and the ‘Volume Up’ keys together and keep holding them for a while
2. On the boot options menu, scroll down to ‘recovery’ using the ‘Volume Down’ and use the ‘Volume Up’ button to select it
3. Scroll down again to ‘Wipe data/Factory data reset’ using the ‘Volume Down’ and select it using the power button
4. Scroll to ‘Yes delete all user data’ and confirm it using the power button and wait for the process to complete
5. Confirm a reboot via the power button. Your phone should now be reset to the factory settings.

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