hard reset Alcatel 2012D

How to hard reset Alcatel 2012D

Hard reset Alcatel 2012D mobile device is simpler than you thought. The process will only take you 4 to 5 minutes. However, before you try to hard reset, make sure to back up any important information you have as the process will erase all data from the phone leaving it as clean as new.

What should you do to hard reset Alcatel 2012D?

The first step is to switch of your phone the normal way using the power off button.

Next, press and hold the # button and the power on button at the same time.

If you are doing it right, on your screen you should see ’All data will be lost.

Continue?’’ Press yes and the screen should change to ’Formatting flash, please wait…’’

Wait for a minute or two for the phone to reboot.

If you are successful, the phone will start and you will notice that all setting will have defaulted as they were when you first used the phone.

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