Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch

How To Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 2004C

Is your Alcatel One Touch 2004C not working as expected?

Here is some good news for you. You can perform a hard reset which will return your phone back to a factory default state. The hard reset works by erasing all the phones data and further restoring initial manufacturer’s settings.

How Can I Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 2004C?

1. Power off your phone.

2. When its off, press the power button together with the volume up and volume down button.

3. The screen will turn on with the boot menu. The boot menu will prompt you to clear user data. The process will only take a few minutes, after that your phone will be as good as new.

Which are the Problems that Can Be Fixed with Hard Reset?

Some of the issues that can be fixed with a hard rest include; a freezing or a non responsive phone.

If you don’t remember the password to your phone you can also perform a factory rest.
Final RemarksIt is important to note that all your personal data plus downloaded apps will be erased during the hard reset process. As a result, it is important to ensure that you back up your documents, photos, music and other valuable data.

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