Hard Reset Alcatel Pixi 3

Hard Reset Alcatel Pixi 3 4013D

Hard reset Alcatel Pixi 3 4013D usually is done if it is slow and takes long to start some applications. By performing this operation will restore the phone factory settings. You can use any the methods bellow:

Method 1

For this method it performs external hard reset of Alcatel Pixi.

– First turn off Alcatel Pixi.

– Enter Alcatel Pixi in recovery mode by combining Power button and Volume Up.

– Select “wipe data the factory reset”.

– Use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to scroll down and up then press Power button to select any option.

– Clear cache if it is still slow.

– From the menu select the “wipe cache partition”.

– Return to main, select the button “reboot system now” and the process will be complete.


Method 2

– This method is applied by use of the menu of Alcatel Pixi.

– Tap on menu icon from Alcatel Pixi.

– Then select “settings”. Choose backup and reset highlight “factory data reset”.

– Next select “reset phone” and then wait hard reset procedure to be completed.


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